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Unemployment Rate By Cities In Canada 2021

The statistic shows the unemployment rate in Canada by metropolitan area in 2020. For example, in the Calgary metropolitan region of Alberta, around 11.8...

The Worst College Majors For Your Money

The personal finance website Bankrate.com ranked 162 college majors based on average annual income and unemployment rates. New to the site’s ranking this year...

Countries With Highest Unemployment Rate 2019 ​

Unemployment rates are an essential measure of a country’s economic health. They can indicate the level of economic growth, the number of available jobs,...

The 10 Most Useless University Degrees 2018

We all heard that we need a degree in any field to be successful from our Parents, Teachers, High School Guidance Counselor, but getting...

The Unemployment Rates Canada By Province 2018

Canada's unemployment rates are based on statistics and data from Stats Canada, Canada’s national unemployment rate was 6.0 percent. However, Newfoundland and Labrador has...

Useless College Majors

College tuition continues to rise, putting many students in a bind. As a result, many are looking into alternative forms of education, such as online...

Study Finds Unemployment Up for University Graduates

A recent analysis conducted by the Council of Ontario Universities shows that while times may not be as rosy as they were before the...