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The Best Places to Visit In Europe 2020

From England and France to Italy and Germany, European countries are full of vibrant cities known for their museums, restaurants, nightlife and architecture. So,...

Best Places to Visit in Canada 2020

Canada's cities and towns offer travellers a diverse choice of experiences, from chic, cosmopolitan centers to mountain resorts and maritime cities. Determining the best...

10 Things That Shock Canadians When They First Visit Mexico

A sun-soaked climate, notoriously flavourful food and vibrant culture there’s a reason why Mexico tops the wanderlust wish-list of many Canadians. But as with any...

Very Annoying Things Canadians Do When They Travel

As Canadians, we like to think of ourselves as more worldly and cultured when travelling than our American neighbours. In some ways, there's a...

The Best Destinations in the World 2019

There are, incredibly, more than 156,000 destinations listed on TripAdvisor. Of this list, which places rise to the top? According to the recently released TripAdvisor...

The Best Places To Visit In March Break 2019

If you’ve been slogging through the first two months of the year, you’re probably dreaming of that March vacation. March is a month filled...

The Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Canada 2019

There are many types of travelers in this world. There are the city slickers, the concrete jungle strutters, the city-by-taxi crowd. And then there...

Best Spring Break Destinations 2019

For many students, spring break is the perfect opportunity to let off some steam before the stress of finals and graduation. But for a...

The World’s Friendliest Countries

For many travelers, the warmth of the welcome they receive in a foreign country can make or break their trip. After all, who wants...

5 Of The Most Beautiful Small Towns In The World

Tiny towns that are big on beauty From historic citadels to snowy ski spots, these stunning small towns are brimming with beauty at every...

15 Stunning Places To Visit In Fall 2018

Fall is the ideal season to see gorgeous scenery, discover wildlife, or enjoy an Indian summer. Get inspired to take an autumn trip to...

Take a Summer Vacation on the Cheap

Here are some ways college students can save big on airfares and lodging this summer break. Many students spend all their time in school...

Useful Travel Gadgets

Here we are with the most awaited part of a year - Summers! Planning a good vacation with friends and family is all we...

10 Most Powerful Passports 2018

Finally, the summer month is here it’s Travel time for most of us because of vacation, Wedding, Internships, and work-related travel. Edmonton Gazette shared...

10 Cheap Tropical Vacation Destination 2018

To help you find the right island for the right price, University Magazine ranked the best affordable Caribbean vacations based on top recommendations from...

United Cheap Flight to Singapore

Who is looking for an adventure on the longest flight to Singapore and at the same time it very cheap only $ 177 one...

How to Book a Holiday Online

Booking your first holiday is exciting for anybody. You've saved up and are taking those adult steps towards travelling without supervision! So how do...

Treacherous Destinations For Women Tourists

The world is as beautiful as it is grave. While we pride ourselves on our progression to a more equal and just planet, certain...

The 4 Cheapest Places To Travel In 2017

You need a vacation soon on a budget? Everyone loves to travel because it is always fun to go to the different countries and...

10 Top Tips to Save on Spring Break 2017

Spring break is around the corner, and you’re ready to chill. But while you’ve been slaving away to pass your midterms, you haven’t made...





The Best Hospitals In United Kingdom 2020

Newsweek and Statista identified the World’s Best Hospitals 2020! now in its second year, the World’s Best Hospitals ranking identifies and honours the very...