Sunday, January 16, 2022

Meet The Team

Melissa Dimon

Editor In Chief

Melissa Dimon is a recent graduate from University of Texas- Austin and Currently Serving as Editor In Chief For University Magazine

Emily Wilson

Financial Writer

Emily Wilson is 3rd-year University student at Brigham Young University and  Financial Writer for University Magazine.

Ava Harper

Data Journalist

Ava Harper is a Former researcher at Graphiq after the company was acquired by Amazon, she decided to join U.S. News & World Report and University Magazine.

Sandra Toth

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Sandra Toth is university magazine social media marketing coordinator where she looks after published content and market them on Social Media Platforms

Sarah Adam

Career Writer

Sarah Adam is Career Writer for University Magazine, Sarah also writers for other Publications like CNBC, Glassdoor

David Ellis

Sports Writer

David Ellis is Former Track and Field athlete at the University Of Washington St. Louis. Loves watching College Football. David is Sports Writer for University Magazine

Jessica Brice

Writer At Large

Jessica Brice is MSU Student, studying marketing and business and She loves Coffee and Hope to become VP Of Marketing at Google or Apple