Graduation Gifts to Help Save for the Future

Graduation Gifts to Help Save for the Future
Graduation Gifts to Help Save for the Future

Giving money to high school and college graduates is a joint gift, but giving them products that might save them money takes the gesture to the next level. These are the ten gifts that grads (or, at the very least, their wallets) will appreciate.

Your loved one may be graduating from high school or university as the year draws to a close. So naturally, saving money is a top objective for both you and your student. While money is always welcome, what can you gift them to help them save money in the future? Check out these five options that can keep your grad money over time with a small investment.


Graduate Gifts to Help Save for the Future


10. Electric Bicycle

If you have a lot of money to spend on your graduate, consider the Watseka XP Cargo, a fuel-efficient bicycle. Of course, do your research before purchasing, but some of these hybrid bikes can achieve speeds of up to 20 mph, and the power used to charge the batteries is significantly less expensive than gasoline. This present is ideal for any graduate who plans to work and live in a metropolis or for any graduate who wishes to be environmentally conscious.


9. Timer for the Shower

After a busy day of rushing between lectures and engaging in clubs and events, students may want to rest their muscles and become squeaky clean by taking a 20-minute shower. All those water droplets, on the other hand, are money going down the drain. As a result, shower timers are typically affordable. Like the Water pebble, some use light traffic indicators to encourage people to exit the shower and go on to the next activity.


8. Vacuum Foodsaver

Your graduate can save money in the long run by using one of these vacuum food-saving devices. Rather than wasting money on freezer-burned food, this equipment seals bags to prevent air from entering the food. This method isn’t just for freezing food; it can also be used to preserve nuts, crackers, trail mix, and any other products that have been opened and need to be saved.

It also makes it simple to take your own pre-cooked foods camping or on the road rather than buying reheatable commercial items.

Your graduate can also utilize reusable bags to keep their lunch (sandwich and chips) fresh daily. As a result, food waste is eliminated, and there is no need to eat out, resulting in significant cost savings.


Air Purifier

Let’s face it: college students aren’t exactly the healthiest. Teenagers neglect to shower, clean their rooms, and experiment with smoking, cooking, and drinking while on their own. This can result in a foul-smelling environment.

Your graduate can purify the air around them without buying smelly scented sprays by using an ionic ozone breeze ball (cost around $55). Unlike its odour-covering siblings, the breeze ball takes unclean and toxic odours out of the air. As a result, there will be no secondhand smoke for your nonsmoker!.


Water bottle with filter

Many students like to bring a glass of water to class with them. This is not only not eco-friendly, but it is also not cost-effective for your student. Instead, consider purchasing a filtering water bottle if they are moving away to school (or graduating from college). A filter is included in the cap of these bottles. Your graduate will save money, receive great-tasting, fresh, BPA-free water, and decrease waste by drinking tap water.


iPad as an eBook Reader

Is your student about to graduate with an academic degree? Even if he isn’t, an e-reader is one of the best graduation gifts. E-reader stores offer fantastic bargains on digital books for students going to college or adults entering the real world. In addition, E-readers can save money on luggage costs (books are heavy), purchases, and even magazine fees, whether for study or enjoyment (some readers offer free or low-cost subscriptions for magazines and newspapers).


Battery Charger

Batteries are one of life’s major expenses. So we mutter as we hunt through the junk drawer for replacement batteries, whether the remote dies in the middle of a season premiere or a flashlight goes out during a blackout.

Typically, we find batteries that have been stored in the hopes of finding just enough charge to utilize for something else – simply because batteries are so expensive. To stop the struggle with this money pit, get your grad a battery charger with rechargeable batteries. You’ll be helping the environment as well!.


Power Bars & Surge Protectors

While this does not save money at the time of purchase, it could save you a lot of money in the long run. For example, if a storm ever generates a power surge and fries devices, a surge protector can save you a lot of money.

This could save your student from buying new equipment, whether it’s just the laptop, mobile phone charger, or all of their electronics connected to the power cord. In addition, only certain outlets have shut-off switches on the new shields. This implies that your graduate can cut off the power to specific devices without shutting down the entire system. That’s also a discount on your electric cost!.


Digital Bank/ Crypto

We’ve all done it: rummaged through the couch, looking for loose change. It’s easy to accumulate a lot of loose change. Your grad may keep track of their spare change with a digital coin sorter or bank.

A mechanical sorter can assist your graduate in getting their money rolled or arranged for a bank deposit. Coinstar is a terrific method to organize your stray change, but it takes a cut of your money. So why pay for someone else to sort your mail?.


Coffee Machine

To study for two or more years, most college students rely on caffeine. It would be unpleasant to come down from this high. Graduates will be hitting coffeehouses every few miles for their daily fix.

Purchase an espresso machine for your graduate so that they may enjoy their favourite coffee drinks at home. Combine it with some popular syrups, such as vanilla or hazelnut, and you’ll be able to keep him from spending $4 on coffee every day.