Texas man Charged with money laundering

A 'Large Amount' of Cash Found in Ritz Cracker Box: Cops
A 'Large Amount' of Cash Found in Ritz Cracker Box: Cops

Texas cops say that the money was puttin’ in the Ritz.

Police in Texas say that a “large amount” of cash was found inside a Ritz cracker box during a routine traffic stop.

On Saturday, deputies with the Wheeler County Sheriff’s Office made a routine traffic stop when a K-9 Chip alerted to the odor of narcotics coming from the car, according to ABC 7.

Deputies crawled under the car, where they say they found a black bag in a “natural void underneath the vehicle,” and inside the bag was a Ritz cracker box containing a large amount of cash, according to ABC 7.

The amount of money has been undisclosed, but authorities did provide a photo of the cash and the family-size Ritz box.

Christian Zatarain-Bueno
Christian Zatarain-Bueno (Credit: Wheeler County Jail)

The sheriff’s office determined the cash is the proceeds from the sale/distribution of illegal drugs and the two people inside the vehicle, Christian Zatarain-Bueno and Erika Caniceros, were arrested, according to ABC 7.

Zatarain-Bueno was charged with money laundering, but his issues didn’t seem to stop there, as cops say that once at the Wheeler County Jail, deputies found cocaine in his possession. He was then charged with possession of a controlled substance and prohibited substance in a correctional facility.

Caniceros was charged with money laundering. Wheeler County Jail confirmed the charges to University Magazine.

University Magazine has contacted a public information officer with the Wheeler County Sherriff’s Department and has not heard back.

Erika Caniceros
Erika Caniceros (Credit: Wheeler County Jail)

The Wheeler County Court clerk tells University Magazine that the suspects have not yet entered a plea, and no legal representation is listed for them in this case as they have not gone to the grand jury yet.

It could take between one to nine months for the suspects to appear before a grand jury, according to the Wheeler County Court Clerk.