The 10 Best Colleges for Dating 2024

The 10 Best Colleges for Dating 2024
The 10 Best Colleges for Dating 2024

When you’re in college, making friends is important, but did you know that nearly a third of married college graduates met their spouse during their college years? Whether you’re searching for a serious relationship or just some fun, college can be an excellent place to find love.

The best colleges for dating 2024. To give you the best chances, we’ve selected schools with large student bodies, with a total student population of at least 45,000 and an undergraduate population of at least 30,000.

The Best Colleges for Dating 2024


1. Texas A&M University — College Station, TX

At Texas A&M University, your chances of finding a date are pretty high. With more than 73,000 students, there’s a good chance you’ll meet someone who clicks with you.

If you find someone special, you might want to check out the Century Tree on campus. It’s said that couples who walk beneath it will eventually tie the knot. And if you pop the question under its branches, your marriage is supposedly destined to last.


2. University of Central Florida — Orlando, FL

University of Central Florida
University of Central Florida
  • Student Population: 70,406
  • Undergraduate Students: 60,075

As Florida’s biggest university, UCF offers fantastic dating opportunities. With its large student body and the perpetual warm climate, it’s no wonder UCF is considered one of the top college dating spots.

For a memorable date idea at UCF, why not visit some manatees? Take a trip to Blue Spring State Park, where you and your date can enjoy a uniquely Floridian experience along the St. Johns River.


3. The Ohio State University — Columbus, OH

  • Student Population: 61,677
  • Undergraduate Students: 47,106

With over 61,000 students, Ohio State has a dating scene to suit everyone’s taste. Buckeyes have plenty of fantastic on-campus dating spots, such as the Ohio State Ice Rink, a romantic picnic at the wetlands, or a leisurely walk around Mirror Lake. And if your date doesn’t go as planned, there are tens of thousands of other Buckeyes to meet.


4. Arizona State University — Tempe, AZ

specified love thrives at ASU — you can even enroll in a psychology class focused on romance! Sun Devils have numerous romantic spots to explore on campus. The picturesque Palm Walk sets the scene for memorable dates, and adventurous couples can hike up “A” Mountain for a breathtaking view.

Remember that ASU extends beyond the Tempe campus when dating as a Sun Devil. Explore the downtown, Polytechnic, and West campuses to broaden your dating possibilities.


5. University of Minnesota Twin Cities — Minneapolis, MN

  • Student Population: 52,376
  • Undergraduate Students: 30,734

Minnesota is renowned for its friendly locals, and UMN embodies this reputation. With a student body exceeding 52,000, UMN provides ample dating prospects for its students. Moreover, the picturesque campus presents numerous affordable yet romantic venues for a first date.

For a memorable experience, consider a picnic at East River Flats Park, which offers stunning river views, a stroll across the iconic Stone Arch Bridge, or catching a show at Northrop Auditorium.


6. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — Champaign, IL

  • Student Population: 52,331
  • Undergraduate Students: 33,492

Are you wondering about dating life at U of I? One student said, “You can always find someone because the campus and classes are so large.” With its expansive student body, there’s no shortage of options for students seeking romance.

As for romantic spots, U of I offers a plethora of choices. From the serene arboretum featuring Japanese gardens to the Ice Arena, countless great date ideas exist to explore. The Daily Illini even provides a dating guide to assist students in navigating their romantic pursuits.


7. University of Texas at Austin — Austin, TX

University of Texas- Austin
University of Texas
  • Student Population: 51,991
  • Undergraduate Students: 40,916With

With almost 52,000 students, UT Austin is a hub for dating opportunities, especially since a new dating app was introduced on campus. In 2021, a UT student created IceBreak Dating, a platform to facilitate Longhorns’ connections.

This app fosters connections and offers coupons for Austin’s top date venues, making it easier to plan memorable in-person encounters. Additionally, the vibrant city of Austin provides many fantastic locations for unforgettable dates.


8. University of Washington — Seattle, WA

  • Student Population: 48,582
  • Undergraduate Students: 31,384

With a beautiful campus in a bustling city, the University of Washington offers an ideal setting for college dating. Plus, with over 48,000 students, your chances of meeting someone at UW are pretty high.

When planning that unforgettable first date, consider admiring the cherry blossoms at the quad or stroll by Drumheller Fountain for stunning views of Mount Rainier. For more adventurous couples, renting canoes at the waterfront activities center or enjoying a romantic meal on The Ave are excellent options.


9. Pennsylvania State University — State College, PA

Going on a double date at Penn State could be an excellent way to meet someone new. This inspired Fourplay, an app developed by two Penn State graduates. The app sets up double dates for single people. After you’ve found a partner for a date, you might want to try some ice cream at Berkey Creamery or go for a walk in the nursery. With nearly 46,000 undergraduate students, Penn State offers a vibrant dating scene.


10. University of Houston — Houston, TX

  • Total number of students: 47,090
  • Number of undergraduate students: 39,165

With about 47,000 students, the University of Houston offers plenty of opportunities to meet someone special.

The student center, various campus clubs, and the dormitories are excellent places to connect beyond the classroom.