The 5 Worst Jobs for Your Health

How to Become a Doctor
How to Become a Doctor

We need to work to make a living, but could our jobs be doing more harm to our health than good? From the most high-stress professions to relaxing lines of work, find out where your job stands on the scale of healthiest and least healthiest jobs.

To rank the most unhealthy jobs in America, we used data from the Occupational Information Network, a US Department of Labor database full of detailed information on occupations.


Here Are The 5 Worst Jobs for Your Health


5.doctors and nurses

How to Become a Doctor
How to Become a Doctor

Devoting your life to keeping others healthy can have a detrimental effect on your own health. Not only are doctors and nurses always under pressure, but they’re also exposed to a variety of transferable diseases daily.


4.Desk job

Operations Research Analyst
Desk job

While many companies try to promote a healthy lifestyle with on-site gyms and nutritious cafeterias, there’s no way around the fact that sitting at a desk for so long has adverse effects on your health.

From back pain to increased risk of obesity and a shorter lifespan, these nine-to-fivers need to incorporate activity into their lives in other ways.



Firefighter |

Being a firefighter requires you to work in highly stressful situations that put you at risk, and the health results are severe. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, firefighters are 300 times more likely to suffer from a heart attack at work than any other profession.


2. Labour-intensive jobs

Construction Millwrights

Jobs that require intense manual labour like heavy lifting and operating dangerous machinery continuously put their employees at risk of getting hurt. This category includes jobs like garbage collectors, highway maintenance workers, miners and farmers.


1.Transportation workers

Truck driver
Truck driver

Putting in long hours behind the wheel has adverse effects on your health. In addition to battling sleepiness on the job, sitting all day and eating fast food on the go, transportation workers also have to worry about the high risk of getting into an accident on the road.