The 6 Best Majors for Aspiring Game Developers

The 6 Best Majors for Aspiring Game Developers
The 6 Best Majors for Aspiring Game Developers

The demand for game developers is rising fast, fuelled by the increasing number of people worldwide who have access to smartphones and PCs and our ever-present need for fun. Last year alone, the computer game market generated a total revenue of USD 184 billion worldwide, representing a 0.6% increase on the previous year. 

Unsurprisingly, you are not alone if you have come here to determine which major you should take if you want a job in this fun and growing industry.

Although it’s a very competitive market, where most of this workforce is concentrated in the United States (39%), followed by Canada (12%) and the UK ( 5%) if you pick one of the majors below, you will have a good chance of landing your dream job.

Wising Up


The game-developing market is vast, with space for cinematic AAA games for consoles and PCs down to phone games, and slot machines like The Thimbles. Just like the vast array of different types of games on offer. There are a wide range of majors that can be your gateway to a job in the industry. Here are just 6 of them:


1. Video Game Programming

Majoring in video game programming and development gives you the necessary knowledge to develop your own games. You’ll get experience in digital graphics, animation, modelling, game theory, interface design, and production on such a course. Video game programmers earn an average yearly wage in the United States, starting from USD 57,000 and going up to 75,000.

2. Computer Science

Computer science is a significant asset for those who want to work in game development. You’ll acquire computer programming, software architecture, artificial intelligence, and data science skills. According to the World Economic Forum, automation and artificial intelligence will likely generate about 97 million jobs by the end of 2025, many of those in the gaming industry. If this is the route you want to take, we have already created an article sharing the 10 best colleges in the US to study computer science.

3. Computer Animation

Here, you’ll learn to use analogue and digital techniques to breathe life into a new game. You’ll also learn about story and character development from the early stages to post-production. Art history, communication, composition, and math are also part of this course. A major in computer animation will allow you to create digital assets crucial for the game industry. 

4. Software Engineering

A major in software engineering will train you to develop software on a large scale using different programming languages. It gives you all the skills you need to create and maintain software for your games. According to the Bureau of Labour and Statistics, the number of software engineering jobs will likely rise by 21% by 2028. This means finding a job in this field may be easier than some of the other majors listed here. 

5. Interactive Media Design

If the artistic side of game development attracts you more than coding lines, majors in interactive media design and game art might be for you. This major, which is much rarer than the others listed here, will set you up to be able to be in charge of the art of a game, as well as aesthetic concepts, storytelling and gameplay. Animation and writing are also skills you will pick up in such a major. 

6. Graphic Design

Here’s another one for those who love game development’s creative and artistic side. This major will train you to create vivid and entertaining graphics to convey a game’s storyline and message. The course will include 3D modelling on top of traditional 2D animations. It will also set you up to be able to create packaging, logos, and more for new games.

Press the Any Key to Continue

If you want to work in the gaming industry, picking any of the majors listed above is the first big step you can take to make that a reality. As mentioned, the industry has been skyrocketing in the past few years, and it won’t stop any time soon. Better still, salaries are handsome, and many jobs in this industry allow you to work remotely.