The Best Accounting Schools In Canada 2021

The Best Accounting Schools In Canada 2021
The Best Accounting Schools In Canada 2021

Accounting and finance are necessary disciplines no matter what field you work in. You must keep track of the general expenses and income of the company. To this day, there are more than 600,000 candidates studying finance and accounting in Canada and more than 12,000 job opportunities.

The Best Accounting Schools In Canada 2021, It is advised to do some research to know the admission requirements at the university before applying to register for this major. In total, a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance in Canada will take four years to study, and there are three terms per year January, May and September. Here are the top ten universities to study accounting in Canada in 2021.


The Best Accounting Schools In Canada 2021


10.Concordia University

Concordia University Montreal
Concordia University

BCOMM Accountancy at the Concordia University four-year Bachelor of Commerce Honors degree program will give you the skills and knowledge needed to help any company, big or small, achieve its goals.


9.Western University

Western University
Western University

You will graduate from the CPA Western School of Business at Western university with many valuable and transferable skills, including financial accounting, cost accounting, management accounting, business finance, auditing and taxation, as well as a variety of general business management concepts, including business strategy, marketing, and human resources.


8.University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo
University of Waterloo

Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business at the University of Waterloo provides a complete business education. The schedule is highly flexible with eight Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Management, Marketing and Supply Chain Management.


7.University of Alberta

University of Alberta Campus
University of Alberta

Studying accounting at The Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta provides you with the foundation for business decisions regarding profitability, sustainability, and wealth, and it’s one of the world’s leading institutions of business education and research.


6.Queen’s University

Queen's University
Queen’s University

There is no better place to focus education in accounting than at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. Experienced faculty, an industry-focused curriculum, and renowned industry partners put our program among the very best.


5.Université de Montréal

University of Montréal
Université de Montréal

HEC Montréal Business School at the University of Montreal is a vital area widely concerned with measuring a transaction’s wealth and financial impact. Good accounting results in good decision-making. So you will find out when you enroll in the accounting school at the Université de Montréal is a business school whose reputation as a leader in teaching and research is recognized in Québec, Canada, and around the world.


4.York University

Front of Vari Hall at the York University
York University

The Schulich School of Business is the business school of York University that equips motivated individuals with the skills to navigate and manage complex business issues, empowering them with the tools to achieve long-term personal and professional success. Toronto’s Schulich School of Business is among the world’s leading business schools. Global, innovative, and diverse programs prepare the next generation.


3.McGill University

McGill University
McGill University

The Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University is ranked as one of the world’s top international business schools. After graduation, many students remain in accounting studies and pursue one of the following professional designations: CA, CGA, or CMA, and that’s what the School of Accountancy at McGill University offers you.


2.University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia

Studying accounting at UBC Sauder School of Business gives students the knowledge and professional judgment to determine the most valuable ways to communicate financial information. The significant accounting body is the first step in gaining a comprehensive understanding of accounting.


1.University of Toronto

University of Toronto
University of Toronto

Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto provides professional skills courses. It initially focuses on a broad understanding of the many aspects of business and management. As students progress through the program, they will gradually immerse themselves in a detailed study of accounting and management, culminating in an internship experience at a local company.




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