The Best Art Schools In Canada 2021

The Best Art Schools In Canada 2021
The Best Art Schools In Canada 2021

What do you think about creating a collection of artworks through different media? Do you have an interest in jewelry design or web page design? You have the opportunity to achieve this by studying Creative Arts and Design, as learning in Canada provides you with practical experience in the field of your choice.

The Best Art Schools In Canada 2021, you have several options of degrees that you can choose what suits you. For example, you may want to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Bachelor of Designs, a Bachelor of Arts, or a Master of Applied Arts. All these university degrees will prepare you for your profession.

Brilliantly creative, finding the degree you want in Canadian universities will not be challenging. Canada has many colleges for art and design students, and there are also excellent technical departments within some of the best universities in the country.


The Best Art Schools In Canada 2021


10. Simon Fraser University

School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University teaches the impact of research conducted at Simon Fraser University has a good reputation among other universities.


9. University of Ottawa

The School of Art at the University of Ottawa has a unique program, with each student having an experiential foundation year. Then they decide which field to major in, including art, craft, design, or historical and critical studies.


8. Concordia University

The School of Art at Concordia University is one of Canada’s oldest cultural institutions, and it’s a blend of the old and the old when it comes to design. As a result, Concordia is one of the world’s best universities to study art and design.


7. York University

One of Canada’s largest and oldest art and design institutions, York University – School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design offers the country’s most enormous variety of visual arts and design programs.


6. University of Calgary

The Faculty of Arts is the most prominent faculty of the University of Calgary. It is also one of the University’s founding faculties and has spacious studios, affordable graphics, and the school’s arts program has many positive aspects.


5. University of Alberta

Art & Design at the University of Alberta is home to artists, entrepreneurs, designers, and makers. Acad Academy is the only Art, Craft, and Design in Alberta. With a student-faculty ratio of 16:1.


4.Université de Montréal

The Université de Montréal art school has a small student base and excellent links with the university’s filmmaking and animation, with many studios within walking distance.


3. McGill University

McGill University provides undergraduate degrees offered are Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Design. Majors include print, integrated media, physical art, design, advertising, illustration, and environmental design.


2. University of British Columbia

The faculty of Arts at the University of British Columbia is home to a professional gallery, which showcases work from both national and international artists. UBC Arts students, graduates, and scholars are advancing a better world. Explore your opportunities


1. University of Toronto

Studying at the Art School at the University of Toronto and learn in various creative fields, including animation, electronic music, event management, game design, fashion, graphic design, and culinary arts.



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