The Best Countries For Remote Working 2024

Best Countries for Remote Working
Best Countries for Remote Working | Image Credit: University Magazine

According to The Global Remote Work Index 2023 by NordLayer, a cybersecurity provider for businesses, Denmark stands out as the top destination for remote workers globally.

Despite its high cost of living and expensive internet, this small Northern European nation received high marks for excelling in various key areas, including social inclusiveness, internet quality, social safety, e-government, and healthcare.

The Netherlands and Germany follow closely behind, ranking second and third, respectively. Germany, in particular, is lauded for its strong legal measures related to cybersecurity, making it the global leader in this category. As the chart below indicates, European countries dominate the GRWI ranking, securing all the top ten spots.

Canada breaks this European streak by taking the 14th position, with the United States in 16th place. NordLayer points out that the top-ranked countries tend to be more costly.

An exception to this trend is Portugal, which not only claims the sixth spot on the list but also offers excellent value for money due to its relatively low cost of living (ranked 56).

This, however, has led to challenges for locals, as an influx of expats has driven up local prices, particularly in housing.

Several Asian countries shine in digital and physical infrastructure, including Singapore, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates. Japan, ranking 10th, and South Korea, ranking 12th, also excel in social safety.

Analysts data from the year’s first half to evaluate 108 countries based on their levels of cyber safety, economic safety, digital and physical infrastructure, and social safety.


The Best Countries For Remote Working 2024


1. Denmark

Denmark | Image Credit: Freepik

Denmark consistently ranks as one of the best places to work remotely. With its strong economy, excellent healthcare system, and high standard of living, it offers a great work-life balance.


2. Netherlands

Netherlands | Image Credit: Trip

The Netherlands boasts a well-connected and efficient infrastructure, making staying connected while working remotely easy. The country’s strong focus on work-life balance is a significant draw for remote workers.


3. Germany

Germany | Image Credit: Trip101

Germany’s economic stability and innovation reputation make it an attractive destination for remote professionals. It offers a mix of modern cities and beautiful countryside for a diverse work environment.


4. Spain

Madrid, Spain
Spain | Image Credit: Expedia

With its sunny climate, affordable living costs, and relaxed pace of life, Spain is a top choice for those who want to work remotely without sacrificing their quality of life.


5. Sweden

Sweden | Image Credit: W Post

Sweden combines natural beauty with a strong economy and progressive policies. It’s a remote worker’s dream for both work and play.


6. Portugal

Portugal | Image Credit: Trip

Portugal’s affordability, warm climate, and welcoming atmosphere make it a popular choice for remote workers looking for a change of scenery.


7. Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia | Image Credit: 123RF

Estonia is known for its forward-thinking approach to digital technology and e-governance, making it an excellent destination for tech-savvy remote professionals.


8. Lithuania

Lithuania | Image Credit: Trip

Lithuania’s low cost of living and growing tech scene make it a promising destination for remote workers seeking an affordable and innovative place to live.


9. Ireland

Ireland | Image Credit: Paul Lindsay/Alamy

Ireland’s thriving tech industry, vibrant culture, and English-speaking environment make it a top choice for remote professionals.


10. Slovakia

Slovakia | Image Credit: alexuhrin95 | Freepik

Slovakia offers a blend of affordability and natural beauty, making it an appealing option for remote workers who appreciate a tranquil atmosphere.

These countries have established themselves as attractive destinations for remote work in 2024, each offering unique advantages. Whether you prioritize work-life balance, digital connectivity, or a pleasant climate, there’s a remote work haven on this list.


The Best Countries For Remote Working 2024

Ranking Country
1 Denmark
2 Netherlands
3 Germany
4 Spain
5 Sweden
6 Portugal
7 Estonia
8 Lithuania
9 Ireland
10 Slovakia