The Best Law Schools In Canada 2020

The Best Law Schools In Canada 2020
The Best Law Schools In Canada 2020

A career in law starts with finding the school that fits you best. Canadian law schools are one of the best in the world. A degree from Canadian law schools means you can work anywhere in the world as longest you pass those countries’ Bar Exam and meet the eligibility.

The Best Law Schools In Canada 2020 the ranking is based on Data from The QS World University Rankings 2020 are based upon academic reputation. The Best Law Schools In Canada 2020

Here are the Best Law Schools In Canada 2020


10.Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University
Dalhousie University

The Schulich School of Law is the law school of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Attending the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University goes beyond choosing one of the most prestigious and comprehensive legal educations in North America.

In the tight-knit Schulich Law community, it’s easy for students to make personal and professional connections to friends, connections to faculty, and connections to an extensive network of diverse, accomplished alumni.

Average GPA: 3.7
Average LSAT: 160
Tuition Fee: $17,103.98
Reputation:: 55.5


9.Western University

Western University
Western University

The Western Law School at Western University focuses on business law in the global environment is unique among Canadian law schools. As Canada’s premier business law school, the Western vision of business law is multidimensional, encompassing a wide range of economic, public law, and social justice perspectives.

Indeed, Western strength in business law complements our nationally and internationally recognized strengths in many other areas, including international law, torts, insurance law, intellectual property, constitutional law, and legal ethics.

Average GPA: 3.7
Average LSAT: 160
Tuition Fee: $22,390
Reputation: 54.1


8.University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa
University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa Faculty of Law is one is the oldest and largest bilingual university in Canada. The Faculty of Law offers both Common Law and Civil Law degrees, preparing graduates for careers in the country’s two legal systems. The Common Law Section offers a three-year program in both English and French. The Civil Law Section offers a three-year program in French.

The Common Law Section provides a broad academic and professional education for persons interested in the practice of law, government, international service, legal scholarship, conflict resolution, or any other career where the knowledge of legal principles is an advantage.

Average GPA: 80%
Average LSAT: N/A
Tuition Fee: $10,691.67
Reputation: 60.1


7.University of Alberta

University of Alberta Campus
University of Alberta

The University of Alberta Faculty of Law is the graduate school the Alberta Faculty of Law continues a 100-year tradition of excellence, which includes a collegial environment and student-focused support systems that facilitate student success.

As a U of A graduate, you will join a community of law graduates who are represented in every Canadian province and territory and around the world, from London to New York, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

Average GPA: 3.8
Average LSAT: 152 to 174
Tuition Fee: $13,423.80
Reputation: 61.5


6.Queen University

Queen's University
Queen’s University

Queen’s University Faculty of Law, Canada and is regarded as one of the most prestigious institutions of legal education in Canada. Queen’s Law has targeted interdisciplinary studies as a strategic priority to prepare law students for the complexity of modern-day transactions, policies, and legal processes.

Queen’s Law is a leader in preparing law students for today’s international environment. Studying and interning abroad provides students with the opportunity to develop cross-cultural competencies that are increasingly relevant in the legal system.

Average GPA: 3.72
Average LSAT: 162
Tuition Fee: $$21,480.34
Reputation: 54.1


5.York University

Front of Vari Hall at the York University
York University

The Osgoode Hall Law School at York University offers a rigorous, diverse, and forward-looking curriculum that prepares students for the widest range of careers in law.

Osgoode Hall Law School is an internationally recognized credential that opens doors not only in the legal profession, but in government, public service, business, nongovernmental organizations, and academia. Osgoode is the oldest law school in Ontario and among the largest common-law law schools in Canada.

Average GPA: 3.69
Average LSAT: 83rd percentile
Tuition Fee: $28,649.22
Reputation: 65


4.University of Montreal

University of Montreal
University of Montreal

The Université de Montréal faculty of law It has consistently been in the first position in Canada for francophone Law and the best francophone school in the world. Université de Montréal has a long-standing reputation for educational excellence.

We are committed to providing an innovative, well-rounded education that combines traditional inquiry with dynamic research opportunities and an interdisciplinary approach that helps our students become responsible and proactive citizens of the world.

Average GPA:
Average LSAT:
Tuition Fee: $
Reputation: 58


3.University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia Campus
University of British Columbia Campus

Allard School of Law, at the University of British Columbia, is committed to recruiting outstanding teachers and scholars who are leaders in their fields of research. With 54 full-time professors, we are home to a remarkably dynamic, accomplished, and diverse group of faculty who produce innovative and influential legal research. Many are globally recognized for their groundbreaking work in numerous areas of law, including business law, international law, environmental and natural resources law, and Aboriginal legal issues, to name a few.

For over 70 years, the Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia has educated leaders in both the community and the profession. Our incoming students join a distinguished family of graduates that have excelled in all areas of law and government and have made a significant impact on some of today’s most pressing issues around the world.

Average GPA: 83%
Average LSAT: 166
Tuition Fee: $12,639.36
Reputation: 73


2.McGill University

McGill University
McGill University

McGill University Faculty of Law is the oldest in Canada. The Faculty of Law is located on the slopes of beautiful Mount Royal, adjacent to McGill’s main campus in the heart of downtown Montreal, Quebec. For over a century and a half. McGill’s Faculty of Law has remained at the vanguard of legal education and scholarship and counts among its graduates Canadian Prime Ministers and Supreme Court justices.

Legal education at McGill is one that is marked by the mutually sustaining relationship between the common law and the civil law as the Western world’s two major legal traditions, in dialogue with Indigenous legal traditions.

Average GPA: 3.7
Average LSAT: 161
Tuition Fee: $9,464.16
Reputation: 84


1.University of Toronto

University of Toronto
University of Toronto

The Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto offers unparalleled opportunities for the study of law. The Faculty is committed to creating a genuine intellectual community in which each of its member’s students and professors alike works closely in developing a deep, critical understanding of the strengths and limitations of law and legal institutions.

More than 60 full-time faculty members and visiting scholars from across the globe create an intellectually robust and exciting academic environment for the study of law. Internationally renowned for their research excellence, faculty members have published ground-breaking books with major academic publishing houses and leading articles in important national and international journals.

Average GPA: 3.87
Average LSAT: 166
Tuition Fee: $36,720
Reputation: 85


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