The Best of British: Hidden TV Gems from Across the Pond and How To Get Your Hands On Them

The Best of British: Hidden TV Gems
The Best of British: Hidden TV Gems

If your only knowledge of British Television is Downtown Abbey or The Crown, then you’re definitely missing out! From the ultimate surrealist comedy to full-on fantasy, British TV has a lot more to offer than misbehaving royals!

Unfortunately, if you’ve already tried to access TV from the UK, you’ll likely have a message telling you it’s unavailable due to rights issues. That’s because a lot of television from other countries is what’s called geo-locked. This means that if a non-British IP address is detected, it won’t allow access to the content.

Luckily there’s a solution, and it’s much simpler than signing up for a British student exchange programme. A Virtual Private Network (VPN), such as ExpressVPN, will mask your IP address and replace it with one from your chosen country, such as the UK.


I’m in. How do I get one?

By signing up for a VPN and downloading the app for your device, you’ll gain access to a whole new world of entertainment available to watch in HD, safely and securely on your chosen device.

Suddenly having access to so much entertainment can feel overwhelming, so we’ve picked out our top three TV programs from the UK that are perfect for a bit of post-study downtime.


Toast Of Tinseltown

Tortured thespian Steven Toast decides to move from London to Hollywood in a bid to hit the big time. Deadpan and surreal in equal measures, the British newspaper The Guardian called Steven Toast one of the best comic creations of all time. Full of eccentric characters and ever-quotable one-liners, this is the ultimate student must-watch.


Happy Valley

It may be that you’ve already seen the first two seasons of Happy Valley, but Canadians can only access the third and final season with a VPN. With a review by the Daily Mail describing the ending as the best finale of all time, you’re probably going to want to catch up with the ending of this gripping, gritty British crime drama.


His Dark Materials

Streaming App
Streaming App

Based on Philip Pullman’s trilogy of novels, His Dark Materials is a beautifully shot, star-studded fantasy adventure. With special effects to rival anything from the Marvel Universe, His Dark Materials is an immersive and ambitiously cinematic addition to the small screen and makes for some utterly binge-worthy viewing.


Bonus features

We’ve already established that having a VPN will give you access to more tele and sport than you can shake your remote at, but there’s even more to having a VPN than a limitless supply of entertainment.

What’s more, if you plan on doing a spot of travelling, you’ll be able to stay safe on unsecured public WiFi networks. You’ll therefore be able to check your emails or even access your bank account with peace of mind regarding cyber-security.