The Best Sociology Schools In Canada 2021

The Best Sociology Schools In Canada 2021
The Best Sociology Schools In Canada 2021

Studying the humanities and social sciences is one of the exceptional opportunities you can get in your working life. Canada has the advantages that make it one of the leading countries in academic studies in general. On top of these advantages are the outstanding academic education and the economic and social life that made immigration To Canada and research a dream for many young people and students worldwide.

The idea of studying in Canada is fascinating. Still, it needs good planning, such as applying for admission to universities at the local level, especially the humanities and social sciences, because it requires several requirements.


The Best Sociology Schools In Canada 2021


10. Western University

The primary cultural, social, and political thought in the Department of Sociology educational program at Western University is interdisciplinary in the humanities and social sciences. Thus, it fosters an environment of interaction and exchange between disciplines and research.


9. University of Ottawa

The overarching academic goals of the major in the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa are to emphasize social, cultural, and political thought and to install intellectual and practical tools for working successfully with community partners and agencies to facilitate social change.


8. Université du Québec

Students who graduate from the École des Sciences Sociales at the Université du Québec with cultural, social and political intellect will demonstrate a range of professional skills (e.g. peer review, public presentations, critical thinking) and research competencies.


7. Queen’s University

The Department of Sociology at Queen’s University will focus on applied social research and applying social theories and research methodologies that help understand and address the social problems and challenges facing northern and rural communities, including indigenous communities, in Canada and worldwide.


6. York University

The Department of Sociology at York University provides educational programs that confirm the faculty’s expertise in sociology, health and population studies, gerontology, anthropology, environmental sciences and studies, and criminology and criminal justice.


5. University of Alberta

The education researchers in the Faculty of Arts Department of Sociology educational program at the University of Alberta consider the critical role that families, peers, teachers, schools, inclusive practices, communities, and culture play in development.


4. Université de Montréal

The educational program at Département de sociologie at the Université de Montréal aims to provide students with an intellectually stimulating and dynamic academic environment to promote “social thinking” through coursework at the academic level and thesis-based research.


3. McGill University

Students in the Department of Social Sciences Faculty at McGill University benefit from close mentorship opportunities with supportive and caring faculty. Also, flexibility in course offerings and personal interest in designing a program aligned with their research interests.


2. University of British Columbia

Department of Sociology at the University of British Columbia teaches its enrolling students how to make research work among people in their social world. Learn how to analyze the links between communities.


1. University of Toronto

The curriculum, developed by social science professors at the University of Toronto, examines the processes of unequal development and inequality in societies and how migration and mobility shape our communities.



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