The Best Universities In Egypt 2021

The Best Universities In Egypt 2021
The Best Universities In Egypt 2021

Egypt has a long history of education and study. Al-Azhar University owns the third oldest university globally, and Cairo University is one of the oldest Arab universities. The time of the establishment of its oldest colleges dates back to the era of Muhammad Ali, who ruled Egypt during the first half of the nineteenth century.

The Best Universities In Egypt 2021 is in addition to private universities such as the German, British and American universities, which earned them an important role and became a destination for students from nearby and far neighbouring countries to continue studying in Egypt.

Furthermore, the distinguished location between North Africa and the Middle East and its long history from the Pharaonic civilization’s legacy increased students’ interest in Egypt. As a result, students go to Egypt to study the major they want reasonably priced in an Arab environment.


The Best Universities In Egypt 2021


10. Universities of Canada in Egypt

The University of Canada in Egypt (UofCanada) is a Canadian campus hosting top Canadian Universities with futuristic programs. It promotes an all-around active and diverse student life. It is the first International Branch Campus in The New Administrative Capital.


9. Mansoura University

The importance of Mansoura University lies in its strong testimony in Egypt and Africa, its teaching method, and the ease of dealing with students, especially international students, by the administrative and teaching staff. In addition, there are many health and service centers affiliated with it to take care of students, which made it attractive to many students.


8. Helwan University

Helwan University is one of the Egyptian public universities and includes 20 colleges; and is affiliated with the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities. In addition, the university combines many unique and unparalleled colleges, such as the College of Applied Arts and Art Education.


7. German University in Cairo

The German University was founded in 2002 in Cairo. It is the first integrated German university outside Germany. The language of study in English with the study of German language up to A2-1. Its certificates are equivalent to the Egyptian certificates and are globally recognized. Its faculties are Business Administration, Engineering, Arts, Law, and Architecture.


6. Assiut University

The faculties included in Assiut University vary in specializations and academic courses between medical sciences, humanities, scientific, linguistics, and literature. In addition, the university works to provide all the requirements and needs of students in various institutes and scientific centers, such as the Institute of Medical Research and the Institute of Studies Higher and Research Institute, Higher Institute of Public Health.


5. Al-Azhar University

Al-Azhar University, the oldest university in Egypt, is affiliated with the Al-Azhar Foundation and includes scientific and literary faculties. In addition to the faculties of the Arabic language, Sharia and Islamic fundamentals.


4. Alexandria University

Alexandria University is the second oldest Egyptian university. It contains more than 20 colleges and institutes. It has many branches inside and outside Egypt, such as branches in Juba and Chad.


3. Ain Shams University

The faculties of Ain Shams University, located in Cairo, provide distinguished programs for students to help them in the labour market and provide them with opportunities to keep abreast of the latest scientific developments in some fields and specializations that may be rare.


2. Cairo University

Cairo University is the second oldest university in Egypt. In the year 2000, among the top 500 universities globally, 155,000 students graduated annually. The most prominent faculties are medicine, engineering, literature, languages, commerce, and others.


1. The American University in Cairo

The American University in Cairo (AUC) is an independent educational institution located in Cairo. The university’s mission is to provide American arts education to students of all social and economic backgrounds in Egypt and other countries worldwide and contribute tangibly to Egypt’s cultural and intellectual life. The university provides American-style education, grants undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, and offers free education programs.