The Best Winter Boots 2022

The Best winter Boots 2021
Marketplace took several pairs of men's winter boots to be tested by the KITE Research Institute in Toronto. (CBC)

The best winter boots in 2021 are the ones you can wear all day, and they will keep your feet warm. They’re made to be comfortable, durable, stylish, and waterproof. There are many different types of boots out there – from snow boots to rain boots to hiking shoes, so it’s essential to consider what type of boot is right for you.

The best winter boots for the 2021-2022 season are detailed below, including our top picks for regular wear, trekking, and extreme cold. The best winter boots 2021. CBC Marketplace recently finds 5 out of 6 winter boots fail slip test on ice; biomedical engineers tested Merrell, Sorel, Kamik, Ugg, Timberland and WindRiver boots


The Best Winter Boots 2021



According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), unintentional falls on ice resulted in 67,418 hospital emergency department visits in Canada in 2019. Common could walk uphill at a 15-degree incline without slipping while wearing the WindRiver boots.

He reached a 14-degree angle while going downhill without slipping on the wet, ice terrain. The soles are constructed differently, according to Li. The WindRiver boot’s tread had features that the other variants lacked. The exclusive features “abrasive elements combined with the soft rubber composition to give traction on wet ice,” according to Mark’s, which Canadian Tire owns.