The Easiest Degree To Obtain From University

Which College Degrees Get the Highest Salaries
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There’s no set way to universally determine how easy a bachelor’s degree is, as every major and every school has its own level of rigour. That being said, we used available statistics on GPA to determine our rankings of the easiest bachelor’s degrees.

According to a study by Cornell University, most science majors tend to have lower than average GPAs. In contrast, the college majors we’ve selected for this list have a higher than average GPA. That means that for many students, achieving a higher GPA in these majors is not as difficult as it is in other majors.


10.Creative Writing

Top 10 Colleges To Attend To Become A Writer
Top 10 Colleges To Attend To Become A Writer

A creative writing degree will help you establish useful communication skills, analyze existing writing, do your own new work, and give and receive feedback from your peers.

A creative writing major can be time-consuming (think of all the hours spent with writer’s block), but you won’t have to worry about spending time in the lab or doing advanced math. Creative writing majors earn an average of $50,000.



Health Care Worker
Health Care Worker

As a health major, you might pursue a degree in Health Science or Health Administration. Health degrees are often a good way to prepare for a more advanced degree in the healthcare field, like physical or occupational therapy.

Health degrees are easier than life or physical science degrees. As a health major, you’ll learn more about the theory behind the science rather than focusing on statistics, lab work and analysis. The more entry-level science of a health degree makes this major easier than other pathways into healthcare. Health majors have an average salary of $60,000 a year.



Art History
Art History

History majors study world events that have happened from the beginning of recorded time up through the modern-day. As a history major, you’ll learn to analyze and make sense of what happened in the past.

History majors might be considered easier than other majors because of the lack of lab work and technical writing. You’ll spend a lot of your time as a history major analyzing older texts and writing papers on your thoughts.

History majors have several career paths available to them, from lawyer to teacher. History majors earn an average of $62,000 per year.



Communications officer
Anthony Scaramucci

If you major in communications, you’ll learn about journalism, public relations, marketing, and more. You’ll learn many broad skills with a communications degree that can help you get a job in several fields.

A communications major is easier because of the lack of advanced science, math, or writing coursework you’ll do. Communications majors earn an average salary of $60,000.




Sociology majors study human behaviour through the collection and observation of data. You’ll learn about connections between people, which can prepare you for work in human resources, market research, and more.

Most sociology courses don’t require a ton of heavy reading or long writing assignments, making this major a bit easier than others. Sociology majors earn an average salary of $56,000.


5.Social Work

Social Worker
Social Worker

A social work major helps you make a difference in the world. When majoring in social work, you’ll learn how to provide services that help some of society’s most vulnerable people.

Social work majors typically don’t require upper-level math or science courses, making achieving a high GPA easier. You’ll earn an average salary of $49,000 as a social work major.



Secondary teacher education
Secondary teacher education

Pursuing an education major will help you become a teacher. As an education major, you might specialize in special education, elementary education, or secondary education. You’ll learn the theory behind being an effective teacher, choose a specialty, and get lots of practice.

Education majors are easier than others because they focus on educational theory and hands-on practice, rather than more complicated math or science topics. While you might need to student teach without pay for a year after college, education majors earn an average of $55,00 per year.



Special Education Teachers
Special Education Teachers

If you love reading and analyzing texts, an English major might be a great fit for you. There is a wide variety of career paths available to English majors, both good and bad.

While you have skills that apply to many careers, it could be hard to narrow down what you want to do.


2.Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice

A criminal justice degree is a great degree to have if you’d like to work in safety and security. Criminal justice majors command an average salary of $49,000+ a year. A criminal justice investigator might become a police officer, a probation officer, a private detective, or something else.

Criminal justice degrees are typically not reading or writing intensive, making them easier than other majors.



Couples in psychology sessions

Psychology majors study the inner workings of the human psyche. You’ll learn how individuals behave in certain situations and figure out how to understand people’s motivations and desires. As a psychology major, you’ll learn several useful skills, like analysis and communication.

As undergraduate studying psychology, you’ll take some entry-level courses in statistics and analysis. The more difficult coursework comes later if you choose to pursue an advanced degree.

Psychology majors earn a median salary of $57,000, making this a solid career choice if you’re looking to earn more money.