The Hardest Courses For First Year University Student

The Hardest College Courses

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The Hardest College Courses

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The Hardest Courses For First Year University Students


10. Theory

The discipline of ‘theory’ is expansive, covering many different areas. There are several types to choose from, such as political or scientific theory; each can be challenging for students because they often require an understanding of how the thought process works and why specific results happen the way that they do.


9. Statistics

The course involves collecting, analyzing and interpreting data. This includes presenting all aspects of the information through charts & numbers and equations that many students find confusing to follow or difficult comprehension-wise. Still, if you stay focused, then it will be worth your time!


8. Thermodynamics

You’ve been warned! This course will require a lot of time and effort. You’ll have to memorize tons of information as well as understand physics concepts, which is not an easy task by any means considering how complex the knowledge can sometimes get- especially when you’re trying your best not only,

To learn everything and retain it long enough so that one day someone could ask, “you know what? I’m bored.” And then all our hard work goes down the assembly line with no reward until finally. Then, success!! But wait, there’s more: Extremely.


7. Philosophy / Metaphysics

The concepts in metaphysics are challenging to understand because they question our reality and physical senses. A person needs a philosophical head spin just like those who have trouble grasping them, but we don’t blame anyone for being unable or unwilling as it takes an open mind!


6. Quantum Mechanics / Physics

Some students find the tedious aspects of abstract mathematics challenging to comprehend, while others enjoy them. You either “get it” or you don’t – and if your understanding is lacking, then there will be no way for someone else who does understand what they’re doing at all levels, whether deep into theory or solving real-world problems with numbers on paper The lack in one area doesn’t mean another can fill that gap because each subject has its own set Atkinsons English Dictionary definition.


5. Calculus

There is a lot of math in this class. You have to be pretty smart and into numbers if you want it, but not everyone has an interest or talent, so it can get tricky sometimes when people don’t pay attention because they’re bored!


4. Anatomy

The human body is a complex machine, so it’s no wonder that memorizing all of these systems can be difficult.


3. Economics

The deadly combination of challenging and boring is enough to make anyone zone out. And you have to focus, or else your GPA will suffer!.


2. Linguistics

Going from beginner to advanced student can be difficult for some people. The terminology is more complex, the lessons longer and harder to follow–and now you have professors who say things like “I expect great work” or “Don’t just do practice exercises.”


1. Organic Chemistry

The course weeds out the doctors from wannabes. It’s undoubtedly tricky – there’s a consensus that it takes work, memorizing and commitment, but you can do it with motivation! After taking this class, many students find themselves switching majors because they’re determined not just to pass but also to excel in their medical studies.