The Highest Paying Cities In Canada 2020

How To Start Your Own Business In Canada
How To Start Your Own Business In Canada

Salaries in Canada may be among the highest in the world thanks to the large, prosperous and stable job market that Canada enjoys in various respects. Except for some island states in the Caribbean, Canada is the country with the Western Hemisphere’s central parliamentary system.

As a result, Canada has developed its own social and political institutions that distinguish it from most other countries globally, which has been reflected positively significantly on the economy, average wages, and living cost.

Also, Canada’s salaries are highly valued because of the low cost of living that it enjoys as a sign, unlike many other countries that suffer from extreme exaggeration, high prices, and inflation. Many people are interested in knowing Canada’s salaries, whether they are citizens or immigrants and new immigrants to Canada to start a new and prosperous life.

Therefore, in this article, we will get to know the most important cities in which its residents, whether citizens or expatriates, have a good income level. We will reveal to you the average salaries that workers receive in them.


Here Are The Highest Paying Cities In Canada 2020


10. Northwest Territories, Canada

Northwest Territories
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It is located in Canada’s far northwest, overlooking the Arctic Ocean and surrounding the Hudson Bay from the north and west. The winter occupies most of the year’s months, and the summer is short when the temperature rises slightly, and its short summer does not allow planting. The natural plant consists of coniferous forests, tundra plants, and the region’s forests repository for fur animals.

The median total income is $117,100.


9. Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Alberta
Calgary, Alberta/ Shutterstock

One of Canada’s best cities to live in, it is the most popular city in the Canadian province of Alberta. The job opportunities in Calgary and the city’s economy, in general, depending on the oil and gas sector. And workers in this field occupy a large proportion of the city’s work sector, cities.

The median total income is $104,410.


8. Yukon, Canada

Whitehorse, Yukon
Whitehorse, Yukon

It is one of the smallest Canadian provinces with the lowest population among Canada’s regions and areas.
Yukon Province is famous for its mineral wealth, especially lead, zinc, gold, and silver. Forests cover a large area, so wood is produced, and fur is an essential source of its income.

The median total income is$100,130.


7. Regina, Canada


The city is located in the province of Saskatchewan, and it is the provincial capital. The economy of this city depends on the financial services sector, in addition to the retail industry.

The median total income is $97,940.


6. St.John’s, Canada

St. John
St. John

This city’s economy relies on many vital industries, such as the oil and gas industry and the retail sector.

The median total income in St. John’s, Canada, is $92,080


5. Oshawa, Canada


One of the most famous Canadian cities since the city is Canada’s most important manufacturing centers, especially the manufacture of machinery. A large number of the city’s residents work in this sector.

The median total income is $92,080, and it is also a small city in terms of population density.


4. Victoria, Canada


Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, which is located explicitly in southwestern Canada. Besides being the provincial government’s seat and its main port for business, it is considered a residential city due to its moderate climate, natural and beautiful scenery.

This city is popular among American and Canadian tourists and has factories for processing fish and grains and cold storage.

The median total income is $89,640.


3. Gatineau, Canada


The cost of living in Gatineau is 1.3% above the national average, and it is much cheaper than in Ottawa right across the river, where the cost of living is 26.1% above the national average. And since it is so close to Ottawa, Gatineau is home to many federal government offices.

The median total income is $88,200.


2. Halifax, Canada


Few people think about places connected to the sea these days when they decide to move to a new home and establish a new life, but the capital of Nova Scotia is always applying and introducing new jobs at a steady rate. Halifax also has the third-largest affordable housing market in Canada.

The median total income is $85,940.


1. Winnipeg, Canada

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg, Canada, is a major Canadian metropolitan city located in Manitoba. It is one of the largest and most famous cities in the province, as it is Manitoba’s capital.

It is a city with an economic base and a large regional center. It is considered one of the largest Canadian cities with a diversified economy and achieves continuous economic activity and permanent growth in economic development.

The median total income is $81,880.



Source: | Workopolis