The Largest Retailers In Canada 2019

Who is Canada's largest retailer 2019?

The Largest Retailers In Canada 2019
location of Home Hardware

As Amazon builds warehouses across Canada trying to expand into one-day delivery or same-day delivery, The CSCA Retail 100, created by the Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity at Ryerson University, brings you the top 100 retail conglomerates operating in Canada as ranked by total estimated annual retail sales in fiscal 2017.

The Largest Retailers In Canada 2019, The Canadian retail market is highly competitive, with many retailers operating in the country. The largest retailers in Canada have the highest revenue and store count.

Some of the largest retailers in Canada include Walmart, Costco, and Loblaws. These companies have many stores across the country and generate billions of dollars in revenue each year. They compete fiercely for market share and continue to grow their businesses.

Several regional players are among the largest retailers in Canada. Companies such as Metro, Sobeys, and Jean Coutu operate primarily in specific parts of the country but have a significant presence nationwide. In addition, the retail landscape is constantly changing, with new players entering the market and older ones expanding their operations.


The Largest Retailers In Canada 2019

RankRetail companiesRetail Sales (In billion)# of Locations
1George Weston Limited (Shoppers Drug Mart, Superstore)$46,2302500
2Walmart Canada$32,435410
3Costco Wholesale Corp$24,63497
4Empire Company Limited (Sobeys, Safeway)$24,2151934
5Metro Inc$13,175966
6McKesson Corp$10,9492234
7Canadian Tire Corp$10,2021321
8Lowe’s Companies$8,637878
9The Home Depot$8,122182
10Home Hardware $6,1001069

There are many large retailers in Canada, but a few of them stand out from the rest. The top five largest retailers in Canada are Walmart, Canadian Tire, Loblaw Companies Ltd., Metro Inc., and Sobeys Inc. These retailers have over 5,000 stores across Canada and employ over 360,000 people.

Walmart is the largest retailer in Canada, with over 400 stores. It is also the largest private employer in the country. Canadian Tire is the second-largest retailer in Canada, with just over 400 stores. Loblaw Companies Ltd.

It is the third-largest retailer with over 1,000 stores. Metro Inc. is the fourth largest retailer with just under 600 stores, and Sobeys Inc. is the fifth largest retailer with just over 500 stores.