The Most Atheist Countries 2020

The Most Atheist Countries 2020
The Most Atheist Countries 2020

According to the Pew Research Center, the most atheistic countries in the world are those in which less than 10% of the population believes in God.  In 2020, these countries included Japan, Sweden, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and France.  While there is no single reason for this trend, various factors – from higher levels of education to more relaxed religious regulations – may contribute to lower levels of religious belief in these countries.

For example, Japan is one of the most atheistic countries globally and has one of the lowest rates of religious participation. Only 6% of Japanese citizens say they believe in God, and many cite the country’s secular educational system as a contributing factor. In Sweden, meanwhile, atheism has been on the rise since the 1970s.


Here Are The Most Atheist Countries 2020

RankCountryNon Religious Persons
1China 90.00%
3Czech Republic72.00%
4United Kingdom69.00%
10Hong Kong63.00%

A recent study by the University of Cambridge has named the most atheistic countries for 2020. The study, which used data from the World Values Survey, found that Estonia, Sweden and Denmark are the most atheistic countries globally, with over 60% of their populations identifying as atheists.

The United States ranked fourth on the list, with only 33% of its population identifying as atheists. The study also found that the most religious countries globally are located in Africa or Asia. China has the highest percentage of atheists, followed by Japan and Vietnam.

The country with the highest percentage of atheists is Tunisia, South Africa and Morocco. The study’s authors say that their findings could help to explain why some countries are more successful than others.