The Most Educated States in America

The Most Educated States in America
The Most Educated States in America

Educational Attainment in the U.S, people in states in the Northeast and along the East Coast tend to be the most educated in America.

For its 2021 Best States rankings, U.S. News determined which states are the most educated by considering their educational attainment percentage the share of the population 25 years and older with an associate degree or higher based on 2019 data the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. The national average is 41.7%.

While the following ten states performed well in the educational attainment metric, many didn’t rank highly overall in the Higher Education subcategory because of significant student debt and high tuition costs.


The Most Educated States in America


10. Washington

Associate degree or higher: 46.94%
Washington – the No. 1 overall state in the nation – ranks No. 2 in the Higher Education subcategory.

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9. Vermont

Associate degree or higher: 47.35%
The state’s average math score for the National Assessment of Educational Progress is 287, higher than the national average of 282.

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8. New Hampshire

Associate degree or higher: 47.45%
New Hampshire has a high school graduation rate of 88.8%, while the national average is 85.3%.

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7. Connecticut

Associate degree or higher: 47.48%
The state ranks No. 3 overall for the Pre-K – 12 subcategories.

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6. Virginia

Associate degree or higher: 47.56%
Virginia has a four-year college graduation rate of 73.4% – among the best in the nation.

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5. New Jersey

Associate degree or higher: 47.66%
New Jersey’s average NAEP math score is 10 points above the national average of 282.

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4. Maryland

Associate degree or higher: 47.74%
Maryland’s four-year college graduation rate is 69.7%.

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3. Minnesota

Associate degree or higher: 48.76%
Minnesota’s four-year college graduation rate is above average at 63.2%.

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2. Colorado

Associate degree or higher: 51.08%
Colorado ranks No. 5 overall for the Higher Education subcategory, with an above-average two-year college graduation rate of 39.2%.

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1. Massachusetts

Associate degree or higher: 52.42%
Massachusetts has a four-year college graduation rate of 66.4%.

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The Most Educated States

5.New Jersey
8.New Hampshire