The Most Stressful Jobs In Canada 2019

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver

Stress at work is unavoidable hence why it’s one of the core criteria evaluated when compiling the annual CareerCast Jobs Rated report. But while every profession has its stress factors, some face more routine and/or higher intensity stressors. Evaluate 11 factors, the following are the most stressful jobs of 2019.

The biggest career stressor? Dealing with frequent, hard deadlines — 38 percent of people agreed on this point. Growth potential and interacting with the public tied for second place, with 14 percent of people naming each of these the top culprit.


The Most Stressful Jobs In Canada 2019


10. Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver

Overall Rating: 832
Stress: 48.17
Median Salary: $25,980
Projected Growth: 5.00%


9. Senior Corporate Executive

Corporate Executive
Corporate Executive

Overall Rating: 523
Stress: 48.97
Salary: $104,700
Projected Growth: 8.00%


8. Public Relations Executive

Communications officer
Anthony Scaramucci

Overall Rating: 527
Stress: 49.88
Salary: $111,280
Projected Growth: 10.00%


7. Newspaper Reporter

Newspaper Reporter
investigative journalism | Time Magazine

Overall Rating: 812
Stress: 49.96
Salary: $43,490
Projected Growth: -9.00%


6. Event Coordinator

Corporate Event Coordinator
Corporate Event Coordinator

Overall Rating: 643
Stress: 51.19
Salary: $48,290
Projected Growth: 11.00%


4. Police Officer

Police Officer
Police officer, NYPD Academy

Overall Rating: 639
Stress: 51.94
Salary: $62,960
Projected Growth: 7.00%


3. Airline Pilot

Best Commercial Pilot Training Schools Sibulan Airport, Dumaguete Cebu Manila Philippines
commercial Airline Pilot -lufthansa

Overall Rating: 572
Stress: 61.20
Salary: $111,930
Projected Growth: 4.00%


2. Firefighter

Firefighter |

Overall Rating: 707
Stress: 72.38
Salary: $49,080
Projected Growth: 7.00%


1. Enlisted Military Personnel

Military Personnel
Military Personnel

Overall Rating: 779
Stress: 72.58
Salary: $26,802
Projected Growth: 0.00%