The 10 Worst Careers for Your Stress Level

The 15 Worst Careers for Your Stress Level
The 15 Worst Careers for Your Stress Level

Are you stressed out lately?  Probably. According to the American Psychological Association, work and money are the two most significant causative factors to stress. So you might need to relax if you are sighing heavily and forcibly slamming keys on the keyboard by Monday afternoon.

According to the Paychex report taking a break at work is difficult for most of us. Paychex surveyed American workers from various industries and found that 70% of the people rate their workplace stress level at a three or even 4 out of 5. More than half of the workers reported stress about working three or more days a week. However, it seems we are gluttons for punishment, as 52% of Americans work overtime and 47% work on weekends, even when it is not required. Here are the 10 Worst Careers for Your Stress Level


10. Broadcaster

Dominique Brogle
Communication major Dominique Brogle | Southeastern Louisiana

From the lowest beat reporter to the news media executive, this is one of the most stressful careers. Journalists have to deal with deadlines, busy work environments, crazy schedules, travel, demanding editors, a more demanding public, and the fear of being laid off.

Working in the public eyes is not easy you always have to look your best every second in front of the cameras, and the producers and Reporters must report on the bad and the goods that are happening around the nations and sometimes when you see something terrible happen to a person your human emotions kicks in,

Stress Score: 47.93
Growth Outlook: -9%
Median Annual Income: $37,720


9. Taxi Driver

Yellow Taxi New Year City
Yellow Taxi New York City

If you are fortunate enough to travel every day, you are well aware of how frustrating traffic and terrible drivers can be. However, if you drive a taxi for a living, you can compound that worry by a factor of approximately a gazillion.

Being a cab driver may be a very demanding job. Long hours, lack of (physical) motion, back problems, traffic, fare evasion, passenger threats, and shockingly little tips can all take their toll. To make ends meet, some taxi drivers work up to eighty hours per week—and eighty hours of those stressors is enough to drive a person insane. Furthermore, all much coffee can’t be good for your nerves.


Stress Score: 48.18
Growth Outlook: 13%
Median Annual Income: $23,510


8. Public Relations Executive

Public Relation Executive
Public Relation Podium

If you do not want premature wrinkles or gray hair, run! This job is not for you. Public relations jobs at nearly all levels are loaded with stress.

Deadlines dominate your world. You deal with different personalities who want many other things and are highly demanding. Projects that cost much money are under your care, and you had better handle those well. When the client is in trouble, you have to rally quickly to put out lots of fires—crazily stressful times. Many people who love this job say that they “thrive on the stress and excitement.” and a massive bottle of antacids.

Stress Score: 48.50
Growth Outlook: 7%
Median Annual Income: $104,140


7. Senior Corporate Executive

Senior Corporate Executive
Senior Corporate Executive

As an executive, stress is pretty much the name of the game. Officials are expected to work over seventy hours a week, but they are also supposed not to screw up. At all. Ever. If they do, they can be fired at the drop of a hat. There will always be someone there to take that coveted corner office with the fantastic views of the city skyline.

The senior Corporate Executive is responsible for managing an entire healthcare structure. They coordinate the primary care facilities under the HMO, facilitate the payment and billing of country-wide medical services, and change the organization’s policies based on whatever new health care system the government hands down. A lot is going on with this job, and many people rely on overworked executives always to do good work. The pay is excellent, but you will see much more of the office than the fancy new yacht you will be able to buy.

Stress Score: 48.56
Growth Outlook: 6%
Median Annual Income: $102,690


6. Newspaper Reporter

Newspaper Reporter

News reporters have stressful jobs. The news happens when it happens, and you will be expected to drop whatever you are doing—eating dinner, getting a good night’s sleep, playing World of Warcraft—to go after a story.

It is not like you will have a couple of days to develop a well-researched, finely-crafted finished product, either: If a news item is hot, then the onus will be on you to report it first before anyone else can. Even if there aren’t any plane crashes or apartment fires for you to get the scoop on, your life will revolve around deadlines. You will be expected to submit fresh content for your newspaper, radio, or TV station often and on time.

Then, of course, there’s the stress of working in an industry where your job is constantly on the chopping block thanks to shrinking budgets, not to mention if you work in television, the stress of looking hawt and put together for your viewing audience.

Stress Score: 49.90
Growth Outlook: –8%
Median Annual Income: $36,360


5. Corporate Event Coordinator

Corporate Event Coordinator

There will be stress. Corporate events managers have the heavy responsibility of coordinating every aspect of complex happenings of between six and 60,000 employees and their families. Table cloths for the charity fundraiser did not arrive? Your job is to deal with it.

The expert booked for Friday’s employee training on harassment has the stomach flu? Get out your employee handbook and prepare to train them yourself. Moreover, don’t forget about all those people at the party who want you to take their picture, even though you have a bazillion other things to do.

Moreover, you are happy to deal with it all. Why? Because the success or failure of an event depends entirely on how you cope with all that stress being fastballs your way. There’s stress involved, but you may be just the person for the job if you have come this far without bailing. We can already see it in your steely gaze. Just remember to put on your happy face before you greet any guests.

Stress Score: 51.15
Growth Outlook: 10%
Median Annual Income: $46,840


4. Police Officer

Police officer, NYPD Academy

Yes, your police officer career does come with some job stress. On any given day, you could be balancing a vehicle accident investigation, a lost child, a drunk and disorderly bar patron, and a four-time speeder who somehow still has his driver’s license. In addition, you will interact with other law enforcement agencies, perhaps a hospital and a social service agency or two. However, while juggling all these cases, you must still adhere to proper police procedures and investigative protocols.

Simply put, you do not have a license to get sloppy even though you are busy.

You also have to find a way to handle the unpleasant parts of your job that could impact your overall quality of life. You can ask for help in processing an unsettling experience such as a nasty accident or a particularly gory crime scene. Consider regular yoga, meditation, or other spiritual practices to help keep yourself centred.

Stress Score: 51.68
Growth Outlook: 4%
Median Annual Income: $60,270


3. Commercial Airline Pilot

Commercial Airline Pilot -Lufthansa

Lives are in your hands (including your own). That will cause a few breakouts and a clump of hair in your hand in the shower. Luckily, you are only in the air for 75 hours a month, so you will have enough time on the solid ground to get all Zen and decompress. However, as a pilot, you spend much time away from home, and when you are in the air, you have to focus on many things to make sure the flight runs smoothly and get everyone to Dallas or Tokyo safe sound. You will be tense primarily during take-off and landing because they are the most complicated and require your undivided attention. You will get a quick breather when you level out in the sky, but you cannot correctly put your feet up and watch Game of Thrones. That is the hotel, later.

Stress Score: 60.54
Growth Outlook: 5%
Median Annual Income: $102,520


2. FireFighter


Uh—yeah. You could say there’s just a teensy bit of stress. Moreover, this is not just the “my boss is breathing down my neck” kind of stress. This is the “that incoming fireball is breathing down my neck” kind of stress. We will ruin the suspense for you—the second kind is worse.

However, because someone should only go into this gig after acknowledging that they may have to sacrifice their own life, many firefighters can come to terms with and be at peace with the hazardous situations they face. It is not that they necessarily welcome the prospect of injury or death. Still, they do not get as stressed out when flying in the face of danger as most people would because they are carrying out their sworn duty like a soldier going into battle—alternatively, a game show contestant on Wipeout.

Stress Score: 72.68
Growth Outlook: 5%
Median Annual Income: $46,870


1. Military Battlefield Surgeon

Military Battlefield Surgeon | National Defense University Press

You report daily to a potentially dangerous working environment where people nearby are trying to do severe damage to others. You will need to respond to gruesome injuries with lightning-fast reflexes and impeccable knowledge about every nook and cranny of the human body. Your decisions will mean the difference between life and death daily. So, yeah, there’s stress. However, this stress is the fuel that keeps them going for the right people.

Stress Score: 72.68
Growth Outlook: 0%
Median Annual Income: $87350