Those Are The Best Technology Jobs 2019

Best Technology Jobs 2019
Best Technology Jobs 2019

Best Technology Jobs, we use technology more than ever these days to stay connected to our friends and family, get up-to-date on the latest and greatest happenings in our world, and sometimes pass the time. Our society is dependent on all computers, tablets, smartphones, and other high-tech devices.

We need the skills of professionals in technology jobs to make our obsession with tech possible. U.S. News Best Technology Jobs of 2019 are high-paying jobs that boast low unemployment rates.


Those are The Best Technology Jobs in 2019


10. Computer Programmer

Computer Programmer
Computer Programmer

Computer programmers write the code that allows software programs to run. In addition to writing and converting codes and maintaining and testing software and programs, a considerable part of these jobs involves problem-solving. Programmers address issues that arise when converting programs into codes and debug when necessary.

Projected Jobs: -21,300
Median Salary: $82,240
Education Needed: Bachelor’s


9. Computer Support Specialist

Support Specialist
Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialists help with log-in difficulties, operating system and software malfunctions, and some even need a screwdriver to open up a laptop or PC. Considering the number of phone calls, face-to-face meetings, emails and, in some cases, chats they engage in daily, people in this line of work must exhibit excellent communication skills.

Projected Jobs: 88,500
Median Salary: $62,340
Education Needed: n/a


8. Computer Systems Administrator

Computer administration
Computer administration

The computer system administrator performs duties ranging from identifying and fixing network issues to updating equipment and software. In addition, computer systems administrators set up and maintain an organization’s computer servers. In a single day, they may encounter stacks of servers.

Projected Jobs: 24,000
Median Salary: $81,100
Education Needed: Bachelor’s


7. Computer Network Architect

If you’ve ever saved something to the cloud, then you’ve depended on the handiwork of a Computer Network Architect. These professionals design, build, and maintain various data communication networks, from expansive cloud infrastructures to smaller intranets.

Projected Jobs: 10,500
Median Salary: $104,650
Education Needed: Bachelor’s


6. Web Developer

Web Developer Working
Web Developer Working

Web developers use codes to create everything you see on your favourite websites, from the special effects to the search functionality. Web developers are responsible for creating websites. When these artists do their jobs well, everything about a site seems to fit together superbly, from the colours and graphics to the images and special effects (or “animation,” to those in the know) and navigation.

Projected Jobs: 24,400
Median Salary: $67,990
Education Needed: Associates


5. Database Administrator

Database Manager
Database Manager

While the pronunciation of the word ” data” always seems to be up for debate, the importance of protecting said data is not. Database Administrators set up databases according to company requirements, maintain its operations, and implement the appropriate security measures.

Projected Jobs: 13,700
Median Salary: $87,020
Education Needed: Bachelor’s


4. Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst
Information Security Analyst

As concern about cybersecurity grows, so does the demand for information security analysts. These professionals must prepare and carry out security measures that protect a company’s computer networks and systems.

Projected Jobs: 28,500
Median Salary: $95,510
Education Needed: Bachelor’s


3. IT Manager

IT Project Manager | Best Technology Jobs 2019
IT Project Manager

Our increasingly digital workplace demands more IT managers who coordinate computer-related activities for an organization. Duties include analyzing and recommending computer needs, installing and maintaining computer hardware and software, securing an office’s network and electronic documents and searching for new technologies and upgrade opportunities.

Projected Jobs: 44,200
Median Salary: $139,220
Education Needed: Bachelor’s


2. Computer Systems Analyst

Information Security Analysts | Best Technology Jobs 2019
Information Security Analysts

Computer system analysts must have diverse skills. The position requires information technology and business knowledge—these analysts custom design computer systems and processes for clients.

Projected Jobs: 54,400
Median Salary: $88,270
Education Needed: Bachelor’s


1. Software Developer

Software Developer | Best Technology Jobs 2019
Software Developer | Best Technology Jobs 2019

Software developers need to be innovative, creative and, of course, technical to succeed in this field. For example, they might write new code or fix bugs in code to make it work better.

Projected Jobs: 255,400
Median Salary: $101,790
Education Needed: Bachelor’s