Tinder Released 10 Jobs That Get the Most Love

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Swiping left or right on a Tinder profile can seem like a simple task – but it’s a powerful way to navigate the dating app. Tinder users who swipe left indicate that they’re not interested in the person, while swiping right signals interest.

But some Tinder users go even further than just swiping left or right: They use bizarre and unpredictable patterns in their Tinder profiles to confuse potential matches and hide their true intentions.

Their app, Tinder, released jobs that get the most love from users. The jobs are based on things people care about, like travel or food. Tinder says they want to make it easier for people to find a job they love and help them connect with the right company.


Tinder Released 10 Jobs That Get the Most Love

10. College Student

College Student
College students | Thinkstock

That’s not an actual job; you’re probably thinking. But in this case, college students are likely to be a large population of Tinder users, and if you’re a student, nothing more is wise for your profile. Thus, students showcase that you are a student so that this gets folks to swipe right on your profile. This keeps the swipes coming.


9. Paramedic

Accident And Emergency Figures Show Worst Performance In 10 Years
Paramedic | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Tinder users like a man in uniform, even if that uniform is a mess from just doing late-night runs to the emergency room. Paramedics came in at No. 9, which may reflect that users love the thought of someone with expertise in medicine, first-aid, and putting in long hours. It shows devotion, perhaps?


8. Model

Zoolander | Paramount Pictures

Who would not like to date or hook up with a model? It makes sense that models would appear on the list, but the first thing that comes to mind is that some users would be putting this descriptor on their profile while not being too honest about it. You can take pictures of yourself – but nothing changes your identity. But if they are a model? Hey, you win!


7. Engineer

Engineer | Thinkstock

Engineers can usually solve complex problems and deal skillfully with difficult or abstract concepts. They come in all aspects of society, and they’re doing pretty well for themselves. Perhaps that’s the reason why a lot of women enjoy showcasing them online?


6. Teacher

Teacher | Angela Weiss/Getty Images

When a man says he’s a teacher, you will likely think one of two things: He has no money or is deeply interested in his students and community. In many cases, this is often the case. Perhaps there is a connection between teachers and heat. College students?


5. Media personality

Media personality
Listening to the radio | Thinkstock

If you’re famous (or semi-famous), one of the benefits of fame is standing out. This fact allows others to notice you, and from there, you can still get the attention of the opposite gender. This explains some of the more well-known TV and radio personalities who made a list. But it’s a mystery to somehow many of these people are out there and how many think their YouTube channel with ten followers gives them fame.


4. Doctor

Medical doctor | iStock

Finding doctors on this list isn’t much of a surprise. Dating or marrying a doctor has always been a goal for many individuals, or at least their families, as doctors are typically smart, powerful, and have very safe jobs. So, take a cue from McDreamy, and consider a career in medicine. For the ladies. For science.


3. Firefighter

Firefighter | iStock.com

Their firefighter tendencies certainly are not without reason! Tinder users like a man who can put out a fire, not only start it. If you’ve got the fire in you to work for a worthy cause and want to spend some time off a burning structure, maintain the fire!


2. Entrepreneur

Tech entrepreneurs
Tech entrepreneurs | Mac Innes Photography/Dept of the Taoiseach via Getty Images

Someone with the ability to create something from beginning to end can be said to be an entrepreneur. Tinder’s users may be thinking that luck forms moles in a relationship as well. Entrepreneurs and founders have been highly sought after among Tinder users, probably for various reasons.


1. Pilot

Pilot | Branger/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

Tinder users’ number one interest appears to be pilots. They likely relate to pilots, perhaps because pilots are always travelling, and their faces are full of easy hook-up chances. Alternatively, there really may be no other logical explanation. No matter where pilots stand, they triumph on Tinder.


Here’s the graphic from Tinder containing the full 15 most right-swiped jobs: