Tips To Be A Better Public Speaker

Tips To Be A Better Public Speaker
Tips To Be A Better Public Speaker

Speakers gain fame by sharing their experiences with others or inspiring others through a particular incident that happened to them, Like the story of someone who beat an addiction. Therefore, the hiring of speakers is highly dependent on the speaker’s specialization and interest in the field in which they have expertise.

This may be influenced by many factors such as their external appearance, the countries they visited, their social relations, and the experiences they have and will talk about.

Also, the educational background is essential for obtaining credibility from those who listen to them, such as the medical background when talking about a plan to prevent a specific disease or treatment. People cannot be convinced by medical words from a person who does not have a degree in the medical field.

Tips To Be A Better Public Speaker


Listen to recorded sermons.

Listen a lot before you speak. A good speaker knows how to move people’s feelings by choosing the appropriate words. Listen well for the comments they stand on, the words they emphasize and the steady pace they stay on; among the most famous speakers who can be listened to are Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy.


speak slowly

The speaker should never feel the need to rush while speaking, as anxiety makes people talk fast, yet it should not be boring.


Confirm important words

To draw attention to it and its importance, say it more slowly or loudly or repeat the same sentence twice.


Silence for a while

As with emphasizing a word, silence can say a lot, such as pausing after a critical idea has been mentioned or between unrelated points to act as a spacer between paragraphs, and pausing gives a chance to catch your breath and recall your thoughts.


Interact with listeners

To be a great speaker, you must use parts of your speech to communicate directly, but engaging the audience will be a risk. You cannot control what the audience will say. Therefore, you will need to improvise in response to everything they say. So you should avoid asking too many questions, and at the speech end asking about any point, and avoid receiving queries or comments while speaking; this may get you out of the address subject.


Show a sense of humour.

People love light-hearted, funny speakers and quick-witted. Therefore, you must know how to tell a joke during the conversation without being pretentious or feigning false humour and hurting anyone’s feelings. Speak in metaphor; people enjoy it when their speaker talks about things or someone they love metaphorically.


Talk nice to everyone.

Don’t just talk to your acquaintances in a friendly way. Speak to everyone with the same kindness and respect if you want to make a good impression.


Talk about current topics.

Talk about social, artistic, or even political issues. If these are the events of the hour, why not exchange views. But do not delve into these matters, as it may cause a ferment in ideas. Always be impartial.


Look into your people’s eyes.

Make sure you look into your people’s eyes from time to time without staring, of course. This indicates the strength of your personality and your self-confidence. Make everyone feels they are the only one in the place.


Praise the listeners

Finally, you should thank people for their excellent behaviour, tell them positive things about their actions, and respond to the praise by thanking them. Or you can even encourage them to do something that is challenging for them, using simple, motivating words.


Tips To Be A Better Public Speaker

  1. Listen to recorded sermons.
  2. speak slowly
  3. Confirm important words
  4. Silence for a while
  5. Interact with listeners
  6. Show a sense of humour.
  7. Talk nice to everyone
  8. Talk about current topics.
  9. Look into your people’s eyes.
  10. Praise the listeners


Why is it important to be a good Public Speaker

Public speaking is a critical skill in today’s world. It can help you advance your career, build relationships, and even change minds.

Here are some tips for being a better public speaker

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Practice, practice, practice.
  3. Be authentic.
  4. Make eye contact.
  5. Use gestures to emphasize your points.
  6. Pause for emphasis.
  7. Be aware of your body language.
  8. Use humour sparingly (if at all).