Tips for Writing a College Essays

“I remember the stressful time while completing homework and studying for essays to maintain good grades at University. I studied journalism at the time and writing was my forte, but the time it took to write an essay took between 3 – 4 hours.”

The art of writing a college essay is not a gift most people have. It is a skill that to be learned with years of experience as a student, but the advice offered in this article can help you get it right the first time.

Have a Personal Opinion on the Topic

Professors appreciate a student that fully understands their topic. If the assignment is a topic you need to select, find one that you are passionate about because it will show in the essay. It is like have a conversation with a friend about a topic in your field and writing it in an essay. It will flow naturally, and the act of writing the essay will be fun rather than a tedious homework assignment.

Online College Essays

If you have a job or it has not been a good year for you because of the way you write an essay, asking for help is a good idea. There are reliable online college essay websites that offer services with qualified essay writers that can complete assignments for all majors.

I recommend requesting a sample by the company and read the websites online reviews. It will help you with selecting the right site before purchasing the essay.

Think about What the Professor Will Think

I remember writing an academic essay late at night thinking about the style of the professor and what she or he presented in the classroom. One of my golden rules was writing an essay in the style that the professor would talk. If the professor were laid back, I’d write it informally. A professor that was serious would receive an essay from me that is written with high vocabulary words. In my experience, it always worked because I was thinking about the reader in mind. It is one of the best ways to impress your University professor

Follow Formatting Guidelines

Professors include guidelines for homework to see if students can take a direction which is a good skill set to have while in the workplace. Ensure that spacing, the number of pages, number of sentences in a paragraph and cover pages are exactly how the professor requests. If you are confused, contact the professor before writing the essay.

Citation Style

An instructor can request Chicago Style, MLA or APA-style citations for each academic assignment. If you don’t have a book with instructions on how to follow these citation styles, ask the professor for the best place to find this information. It will be a continuous style of writing you will use throughout your academic career.

Concluding Thoughts

Whether you use online essays or write it completely from your voice, an essay is a way for you to prove you understand the coursework. It can be a stressful experience when it is not clear if the professor will give you a good grade, but with these tips in mind, it will help with learning the art of essay writing for the future.