Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

Top 10 new year's resolutions
Top 10 new year's resolutions

As the year comes to a close, many people are already thinking about their New Year’s resolutions. Whether you want to get in shape, save money, or travel more, there’s a resolution out there for you. It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about what you want to change or improve in your life for the upcoming year.

Suppose you’re struggling to come up with some New Year’s resolutions. Many people undoubtedly made New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s to get in shape, save money, or learn a new skill, there is no shortage of things that people hope to accomplish over the next twelve months. So if you’re looking to make some changes in your own life this year, check out our list of the top ten New Year’s resolutions.


Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions


Lose Weight and Get Fit

It’s that time of year again when many people make resolutions to improve their lives. One of the most popular resolutions is to lose weight and get fit. However, it’s not easy to stick to this resolution, especially if you don’t have a plan. Here are some tips to help you lose weight and fit in the New Year: Make a realistic goal.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to lose too much weight too quickly. A healthy goal is to lose 1-2 pounds per week. Create a plan. Figure out what you need to do to reach your goal and put it into writing. This will help you stay on track. Find a support system. Ask your friends and family members to help keep you accountable and motivated.


Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable death in the United States, accounting for more than 480,000 deaths each year.1 For people who smoke, quitting can be difficult. But it’s worth it. The benefits of quitting smoking are significant and include a longer life expectancy, reduced risk of cancer and other diseases, and improved overall health.

Here are tips to help you quit smoking:

  1. Make a plan. First, decide when and how you’re going to quit smoking. Then, please write down your plan and share it with your friends and family members.
  2. Set a quit date. Choose a day when you will stop smoking completely.
  3. Get rid of all cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia from your home, car, and workspace.


Learn Something New

There’s something innately appealing about learning new things. Whether it’s finally reading all of War and Peace or signing up for a pottery class, learning something new can make us feel more cultured, accomplished, and well-rounded. And as the New Year approaches, there’s no time like the present to resolve to learn something new.

Learn a foreign language. Being bilingual or multilingual can give you a competitive edge in today’s global economy. There are plenty of opportunities to use your new language skills beyond work – think travel, dating, and socializing with friends and family from other cultures. There are many ways to learn a foreign language, both in-person and online.


Eat Healthier and Diet

Many people make resolutions to eat healthier and diet in the New Year. Unfortunately, these resolutions are often difficult to keep. Here are some tips to help you stick to your resolutions and improve your health this year:

  1. Make a plan. Plan out your meals for the week and grocery shop accordingly. This will help you stay on track and avoid temptation.
  2. Be prepared. If you know you’re going to be eating out, pack a healthy snack or meal beforehand, so you don’t have to resort to unhealthy options.
  3. Get support. Ask your friends and family to support your healthy eating goals and offer encouragement when needed.
  4. Take it slow. Don’t try to change everything overnight – this is more likely to lead to failure. Instead, start with one or two small changes and work up from there.


Get Out of Debt and Save Money

Debt is one of the biggest problems people face every day. It can be challenging to get out of debt, but it’s not impossible. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. First, make a budget and stick to it.
  2. Cut back on unnecessary expenses.
  3. Sell some of your belongings to raise money.
  4. Get a part-time job or start a side hustle.
  5. Third, negotiate with your creditors to reduce your interest rates or monthly payments.
  6. Fourth, consolidate your debts into one loan with a lower interest rate.
  7. Finally, use a credit counselling service to help you get back on track financially.


Spend More Time with Family

Spending more time with family is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. It’s often cited as a top priority, but it can be tough to make time for family in our busy lives. So here are some tips for making time for your loved ones:

  1. Set aside regular times for family dinners or game nights.
  2. Make a point to spend at least one hour per day talking with your family.
  3. Plan weekend getaways or vacations together.
  4. Take advantage of technology and use video chats or online forums to stay connected with loved ones who live far away.
  5. Find ways to help out with chores or errands so that everyone can have more time together.
  6. Finally, avoid distractions like phones, laptops and TV screens when spending time with family members.


Travel to New Places

There is no better time than the start of a new year to travel to new places. Whether you’re looking to explore a new continent or just a new city in your own country, many great destinations are to choose from. Here are some ideas for where to go in 2018:

  1. Go camping in Yosemite National Park.
  2. Visit the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru.
  3. Spend a week on the beach in Thailand.
  4. Take a road trip through the Rocky Mountains in Canada.
  5. Hike the trails of Patagonia in Argentina and Chile.
  6. Check out the nightlife scene in Berlin, Germany.
  7. Wander through the markets of Marrakech, Morocco.
  8. Cruise along the Amalfi Coast in Italy.


Be Less Stressed

We all know that stress isn’t good for us. It can lead to health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. But what can we do to reduce the amount of stress in our lives? One way to reduce stress is to make simple changes to our lifestyle. For example, try to get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, and exercise regularly. These things can help keep our bodies and minds healthy and reduce the amount of stress we experience.

Another way to reduce stress is to learn how to relax. Many different relaxation techniques include deep breathing exercises, yoga, or meditation. Choose one that works best for you and practice it regularly. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress.



Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in your community and the world. It can also be a great way to meet new people, learn new skills, and have new experiences. Here are some tips for volunteering in the new year:

  1. Choose a cause that you care about. Many causes need volunteers, so find one that you feel passionate about and want to support.
  2. Do your research. Make sure you know what the organization does and how you can help. This will help ensure that your time and effort are used.
  3. Find the right fit. Not every organization is a good fit for every person, so find one where you feel comfortable and can make a difference.
  4. Set goals for yourself.


Drink Less

Are you one of those people who make a New Year’s resolution to drink less? If so, you’re not alone. Every year, many people pledge to cut back on their alcohol consumption. But is this the best way to go about it?

While drinking in moderation can have some health benefits, exceeding the recommended amount can lead to several negative consequences. Excessive alcohol consumption can damage your liver increase your cancer risk and weight gain. It can also cause problems with your relationships and work performance.

So if you’re looking to cut back on your drinking this year, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Make a plan. Decide ahead of time how much alcohol you’re going to drink each week and stick to it.
  2. Find healthy alternatives to drinking.