Top Schools For Engineering In Canada 2018

Top Schools For Engineering In Canada 2018
Top Schools For Engineering In Canada 2018

It’s important to find a career that you enjoy. After all, you’ll probably be spending eight hours or more a day, five days a week, at your job. Engineering can provide a satisfying field of work.

Engineering is generally preparing individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to solve various practical problems in industry, social organization, public works, and commerce. Includes instruction in undifferentiated and individualized programs in engineering

Students who decide to study engineering in  Canada have a broad range of career opportunities, particularly if they choose to stay in Canada after graduation. after graduation, many students join multi-national companies like Thyssenkrupp Steelbay.

Here are the Top Schools For Engineering In Canada 2018


10. Concordia University

Concordia University
Concordia University Engineering Building

Concordia is Concordia is a comprehensive university with over 500 degree programs at the school’s graduate and undergraduate levels. Concordia is home to top research centers in locations throughout Montreal, including some of the most outstanding museums and nightclubs in the city. Concordia is next-generation, a thriving establishment in the midst of an exciting city.


9. Ryerson University

Ryerson University
George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre

Ryerson University has begun turning into a leader in business incubation and innovation. Ryerson is also a particularly urban institution, so don’t expect sprawling green grass or colonial architecture: it’s in the heart of the city’s business district.


8. University of Ontario Institute-Technology

University of Ontario Institute Technology
The Software and Informatics Research Centre

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology is one of the newest post-secondary schools in the country. Founded in 2002, UOIT was created with the strategic purpose of matching technological education to the market-driven needs of employers. The technologically enriched collaborative learning environment also stresses environmental innovation.


7. University of Calgary

University of Calgary Engineering Building
University of Calgary Engineering Building

The University of Calgary The University of Calgary is located in the rapidly expanding Calgary metropolis in Canada’s petroleum-rich territory. Academics and professionals in these industries thrive here thanks to generous private sector funding and abundant natural resources, but it is also a major centre for public policy and political research.


6. University of Montreal

University of Montreal
University of Montreal

Université de Montréal regularly attracts both undergraduate and graduate students. It is surrounded by lush greenery. Although it is located a bit far from the downtown core in Montréal, the location never strays too far from the action. The neighbourhood of Côte-des-Neiges has many cafés, bars, restaurants, and shops.


5. McGill University

McGill University Campus
McGill University Campus

McGill McGill has become the center of the academic community; it hosts more than 300 courses at two campuses, inviting approximately 38,000 students to study there annually. McGill University buildings are located in the busy hub of downtown Montreal.

4. University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia
University of British Columbia engineering building

UBC The University of California at Berkley is ranked among the top 50 universities worldwide. It is located in a city-sized school in Vancouver.


3. University of Alberta

University of Alberta Campus
University of Alberta Campus

University of Alberta, Edmonton is Alberta’s leading school of higher education and research. Primarily known for its engineering, science, and medicine programs, the University of Alberta also offers a large number of other courses in 18 departments. Considered a top-5 Canadian university and a top 100 worldwide, it strives to offer exceptional teaching, tightly integrated learning resources, and ample funding.


2. University of Toronto

University of Toronto
University of Toronto

With a global name for itself, the University of Toronto is a high-quality school with a high global ranking. It is also an enormous educational institution, with approximately 8,000 faculty and approximately 60,000 students over multiple locations: in downtown Toronto (St. George campus), Mississauga, and Scarborough. The popularity of the university is reflected in its consistently ranking among the top 50 schools in the world.


1. University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo
University of Waterloo Engineering Building

University of Waterloo is considered to be synonymous with science and engineering. It’s not just a think tank. However, the school is at the forefront of innovation in the Technology Triangle, a network of over 1000 high-tech companies around the university.