Treacherous Destinations For Women Tourists

Women Tourists in India

The world is as beautiful as it is grave. While we pride ourselves on our progression to a more equal and just planet, certain demographics still face immense persecution. Women are amongst them. It is prevalent that while you may feel relatively safe in any destination you chose, there are still many places which have proven dangerous for the female-kind.

Remember, violence against women isn’t locational. It happens everywhere and shamefully often. Overall, the people of the countries referred to in this list are welcoming and friendly. Follow any precautions you must to protect your well-being. There are support networks within these destinations if you do find yourself ill at ease. Be aware of the location of your embassy, traveling alone makes you much more vulnerable. Try finding a guided holiday so you always have a point of contact and make sure you are respectful and behave appropriately to the local culture.

So, before you book your holiday make sure you’re aware of the global dangers facing women.

The Russian Federation

Russia has received bad press recently, due to its tendency to overlook and even encourage hate crimes.

Moreover, it isn’t unknown for the Russian establishment to antagonize neighboring countries. Terrorism and a high crime rate are also a concern, placing citizens and travelers in a potential war zone.

Russia is ranked 151 out of 163 for the Global Peace Index, which places it on a similar danger level to that of many countries in the Levant.

Recently, legislation and attitudes have proven even more hostile towards women, evident by the decriminalization of certain acts of domestic violence.


India is famous and deservedly so, for its vibrant colors and fine cuisine. Yet a darker side of the country has left the Indian Tourism Minister to advise foreign women against wearing skirts in public.

Female-tourism diminished significantly following reports of rape and violence against them.

Thankfully India’s government is taking steps to improve this, offering welcome kits featuring safety-advice for women.


After a nearly successful coup attempt in 2016 that left the environment rocky, Turkey is a country all must take care when visiting.

Along with this instability and frequent terrorist attacks, there is also continuing harassment of women.

Big cities naturally have their fair share of crime and Istanbul tends to be generally safe. Just take care to remember that violence against women is still seen as a taboo.

Many have taken to the Turkish streets in recent years to protest the government’s normalization of rape against non-conservative women.


Colombia has had its fair share of adversity and civil conflict, but violence against women still persists.

Authorities aren’t known for great law enforcement or orders set to guard women, according to the Human Rights Watch.

Perpetrators of female violence are rarely convicted and tend to see no reprimand.


Like all these great countries, Egypt is a masterpiece of history and yet regrettably dangerous for the tourist.

Sexual assault against women remains endemic and a combination of major crime and terrorism appear to plague the country.

The Egyptian government is helping by advising women to not talk or laugh loudly in public and to be careful how they dress.

Always remember that if you follow safety guidelines, are sensible and aware of the risk you may be taking, do not be discouraged from traveling. The world is tough, but there is a reason why companies still let women travel to these places.

As long as you protect yourself accordingly and plan ahead, all should be fine!