Watch new trends for Tech Savvy Students

Tech savvy

Time is changing very quickly. If we squeeze it all the reason behind it is today’s asymptotic alignment of our lifestyle with technology. Technology has undoubtedly created a huge change in our life. Especially if we compare with what it was two decades ago.

Every day there is a new innovation and these new tech trends make life more comfortable and help in attaining more productivity in our daily activities. We all know that the young generation is always counted on the topmost for accepting these new trends in their lifestyle. And why we shouldn’t? As keeping up yourself with time, fairly justifies progress and overall growth of society.

Today you will be reading about three of my favorite trending tech essentials which can make a better difference in student’s daily life, or I can say these will be the coolest collection for you among different smart technologies all around.



A good bag is a perfect package that provides enough room for carrying tech goodies and other stuff regularly. Moreover, this is one of the essential need for students all around the globe. Amendments of new features in backpacks are happening a lot. Like Space, compartmentalization, water resistance and many more. But smart bag offers a completely different thing. Just think about the time your phone unexpectedly buzz up which low battery alert and you are traveling to your workplace. But with smart backpacks on your shoulders, you can stretch out charging cable whenever you need it. This is how it can make our lives much simpler!

The bag has charging capabilities for different devices, GPS tracking system and all these also powered by solar panels attached on it. Bag with these features is already out in the market. But technologies such as modern heating and cooling system makes the concept of the smart bag more facinating. This bag will automatically give heating and cooling effect to comfort our body when worn in adverse climatic conditions. Isn’t it amazing? What more we can ask for? Such kind of smart backpacks as best in use under all kind of harsh conditions increases our efficiency and make our daily activities more convenient.



The pen is the simplest and essential for everyone. But the future of this simplest thing is not that simple. Smartpen introduces the concept of changing your words into action. It comes with a system that converts handwritten text into printed form in your tablet or computer. There is a microchip inside the pen that stores images of a word written on paper. Then through connecting device and pen, we can convert data into a  normal text. This can ease the work for people who are not comfortable with typing in first go. They can just write it down and convert data into text format.



These are modern notebooks which work in a very unique way to eliminate the hassle of keeping up with traditional notebooks. We all know that maintaining a written record can pile up many files and notebooks. But here is the answer to struggle that we all face for it. Your one single smart notebook can save up all your handwritten notes in a safe place. This new concept feels completely like a pen and paper but is endlessly reusable and integrated with our digital lifestyle. Using this notebook revolves around to write, scan and erase.

The pages are made up of a polyester composite. This notebook is compatible with its application also. We can scan pages and data will be moved to our selected cloud platforms within seconds. Selection of different cloud platforms can be done with a simple tick mark in one of an icon on the page. One can again use this notebook by erasing it with moistened tissue and even by keeping it in a microwave! This is something which you all will love to buy it.



Every day different new features of gadgets are available in the market within different products. But the most important thing is to first do research on it that how useful it can prove to our usage. We can not spend money on everything without giving a closer view in their benefits. But we can spend on things which will prove its worth for increasing our efficiency and can smartly make our tasks more simpler. According to my opinion, good quality product serving these above beneficial trending features are worth investing for tech-savvy students.