Try Before You Buy Online

Undoubtedly, e-commerce has been an excellent business-growing platform for the last decade. But some people still carry paradoxes related to online shopping applications. Maybe they don’t want themselves to get involved in assuming the product that how will turn out from what they perceived from the given description.

Even within flexible policies such as return and refund, they become part of the dilemma of placing an order or not! So, what can be done to eliminate this all fuss?

What exactly is missing? Yes, you may be thinking on the right track. It is tactile touch! Customers will be happy if they are provided more than descriptions, images, and videos. And we can expect this from one of the most trending technology, Augmented reality.

Augmented reality, the first thing that might come to your mind after reading it can be Pokemon popping up in front of you! But the latest era applications related to it can be used for far more valuable tasks.


How has augmented reality become a new scope for E-commerce?

Let us consider a couple of X and Y has recently shifted to a new apartment. They are furnishing their new home by buying stuff from an online platform. X says to go for a brown coloured couch for their living room, but Y suggests a cream colour as it makes a great combination with carpet and curtains.

So what can make them decide on these and convince each other?

Fixing some third person as an empire to decide will be a bad option!

But we have Augmented Reality with its techno-solution.

With the help of your smartphone, you can measure the area, view your living room in it, and fit both options in it. This will genuinely help that couple to analyze the right thing they are looking for.

Similarly, you can fit the appliances before actually buying them. You can take exact measurements of the place and see what it will look like and buy the best product with no risks and regrets about how it will turn out be. AR provides all types of information such as location, visuals, audio and acceleration data and opens an avenue for real-time feedback.



We call it your virtual dressing room!

In our traditional way of e-commerce of clothes, we have mannequins and models. Or we can say figures and models act as an intermediate level of marketing for that specific product. Not all girls are 5 feet 8 inches tall and look similar to them, even the same as guys.

So, what can AR do in this? First, AR helps place virtual mannequins around the room on your smartphone. Now in this, you can get an idea of fitting; you can enter the weight and change the size of the mannequin model according to your measurements. And this will help you to find out how that particular dress will look when you wear it. Then, you can walk closer to it by zooming in and can see more details like buttons, embroidery, and fabric.


How will AR affect the platform or brand?

Before buying a product, a user can see the product’s appearance in their actual room in real-time through their phone. What more can a customer ask for? Rather than all traditional methodologies, your customer can learn about the product and its description in more detail. And this will help to increase the business of platforms as people are more likely to follow those brands, which gives reason to trust them. And such user-friendly applications are worth investing in.


AR for on-demand applications!

You must also have heard one of the business models within waves these days in which you can book beauty-related services from your place. So let us make that more enjoyable. What if there is some option in that application to view how some specific haircut will look on you before actually taking service for that? Or how some special kind of beauty treatments and couture makeup look on your face?

I guess this is something more than enough fashion freaks could ask for. The traditional user used to avail service and interact more with customer care consultancy. But now, by using smartphones and technology, it is all within the user’s choice.



Opening an online store is one of the fastest and arguably one of the entrepreneurs’ best options for launching a start-up. However, as easy as starting an online store today, it has become increasingly challenging to choose the right strategies to leverage its business. As one of the only solutions, AR should be featured for a long-lasting and excellent customer experience. And customers’ joyful experiences can impart skyrocketing influence on your business!