Unconventional Educational Games for College Success

Unconventional Educational Games for College Success
Unconventional Educational Games for College Success

Obtaining a college education has never been considered a walk in the park. It’s a long and thorny path that requires maximum dedication and effort on a student’s behalf. Yet, formal numbers and surveys reveal that even the most dedicated students typically find studying in college hard and not fun.

  • 86% (a whopping 1 in 10) of students say that their classes are too hard.
  • About 74% of students state that homework is their biggest stress factor in college, and they struggle to keep up with all their tasks.
  • Additionally, 55% of students report losing engagement and interest in their classes. 

All these challenges are facing students daily. But what if we tell you that studying can be simple, exciting, and successful?

Although you cannot adjust the curriculum to make it simpler, you can delegate your homework to a trusted essay writer service to reduce stress levels. And to gain back your interest and motivation for studying, you might need to play some games.

Benefits of Gaming for Education

Yes, you heard it right, if you want to take your college performance to the next level, all you might have to do is start playing the right video games.

So where’s the catch? There’s none. Numerous research and studies confirm a broad range of benefits of gaming in education:

  • Research confirms that students who play video games with some collaborative or social component tend to develop better social and teamwork skills and, hence, perform better academically.
  • According to research data from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), students who play 3 hours of video games every day demonstrate superior neurocognitive performance on tests compared to their peers who aren’t into gaming.
  • Numerous studies prove that gaming can provide tangible stress relief and mood improvement. Hence, they are great for supporting college students’ mental health.
  • A 2015 study by Chinese and Australian researchers found another interesting benefit of playing video games. Regular gaming (especially involving action games) was proven to boost the amount of gray matter in the part of your brain that’s responsible for sensory perception, speech, decision-making, emotion, memory, and muscle control. Additionally, regular gaming improves connectivity in different brain subregions.

On top of that, video games can boost persistence, focus, and critical thinking. Most importantly, playing them is incredibly engaging. Hence, it can not only make you a better learner by improving your skills but also make the learning process fun, which is linked to improved motivation.


5 Unconventional Video Games to Study Better

Now that you know about the biggest perks of playing video games for boosting your performance at college, you must be wondering which games exactly you have to play to study better.

Of course, there are tons of educational games designed specifically for learning purposes. You can easily find them on the web. But here, we want to tell you about the top video games you didn’t know were educational:


1. Civilization VI

With millions of users and a high 9/10 rating on Steam, Civilization VI is probably one of the most trending turn-based strategy games. It allows players to build and grow their own civilizations, competing against other nations.

While it’s definitely a fun game to play, it also has a lot of educational value. While playing Civilization, you can learn about world history, different cultures, and famous leaders. Additionally, it helps you develop strategic and critical thinking skills, as well as the basics of resource management.


2. Cities: Skylines

The next video game is also rated 9/10 on Steam and boasts a huge number of players. It’s a fun city-building game, which can also teach you quite a lot of things.

Namely, Cities: Skylines can help you understand how modern cities work. To succeed in the game, you must learn concepts like sanitation, urban zoning, transportation infrastructure, law enforcement work, etc. All in all, the game can teach you a number of important things about the organization of the modern world.


3. EVE Online

We bet that many of you might not have heard of this game yet. If so, that’s a huge omission. With 8+ million registered players, EVE Online might be one of the most popular online games out there, and it’s been one for over 20 years already.

EVE Online draws attention thanks to its complicated and diverse player interactions. Gamers delve into large-scale battles, espionage, political intrigue, and even economic competition. While playing it, you will deepen your understanding of politics, diplomacy, economics, and corporate structures and develop a broad range of skills. And though it feels very complex and serious, it’s also really fun.


4. Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed is one of the top-rated video game series that many people know and love. It’s very engaging, complex, and competitive. And, though many don’t realize this, it’s also quite educational.

Throughout its plot, the series recreates many historical locations and events. For example, it lets you take a walk through the real Colosseum and even encounter plenty of famous historical figures. Most Importantly, Assassin’s Creed has a special in-game encyclopedia where you can read some interesting historical facts and learn something new.


5. Minecraft

Today, making a list of the best educational video games is impossible without mentioning Minecraft. This game has taken the world by storm and quickly proven to be incredibly beneficial in terms of learning. So college students can actually learn something from it.

The game teaches players the aspects of resource management and lets them unleash their creativity. Additionally, it teaches you the concepts of science, technology, and engineering. And it can even help you master the basics of coding.

The Bottom Line

Though we are used to thinking that education is hard and boring, it’s not like that in the 21st century. Even when you are already in college, you can get on the right track to success, refine your skills, and gain new knowledge while having lots of fun!

Be sure to try the video games we shared with you here and start learning smarter, not harder.

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