Universities With the Highest Endowments In Canada 2019

The Richest People In Canada 2018
The Richest People In Canada 2018

Endowments represent money or other financial assets donated to universities and are meant to be invested in growing the principal and providing additional income for future investing and expenditures.

Universities in Canada are constantly looking for ways to increase their endowments. An endowment is a collection of funds that have been donated to a university or other institution and are invested to generate an annual income.

This money can support the university’s operations and activities, such as scholarships, research programs, and faculty salaries.

The following is a list of the universities in Canada with the highest endowments as of 2019. The figures were taken from the Council of Ontario Universities website.

Universities With the Highest Endowments In Canada 2019

RankSchoolEndowment (CAD)
1University of Toronto$2.38 billion
2University of British Columbia$2.182 billion
3McGill University $1.65 billion
4University of Alberta$1.3 billion
5University of Calgary$1.2 billion
6Queen's University$1.085 billion
7University of Western $746.5 million
8McMaster University$727.4 million
9Dalhousie University$481.4 million
10Victoria University, Toronto$473.9 million

There are several universities in Canada that have high endowments. The University of Toronto, for example, has an endowment of over $2 billion. This puts it in third place among Canadian universities.

York University is in first place with an endowment of over $3 billion, and the University of Montreal is in second place with an endowment of over $2.5 billion.

These three universities have significantly larger endowments than any other university in Canada.

McGill University
McGill University

Universities in Canada are known for their world-class education and research. But another critical factor to consider when choosing a university is the size of its endowment.

An endowment is a pool of money set aside by a university to support its students, faculty, and programs. The University of Toronto has the largest endowment in Canada, with $10.7 billion.

This is followed by McGill University with $3.5 billion and the University of British Columbia with $2.8 billion. These universities can offer more scholarships, provide better financial aid packages, hire more faculty, and support more research initiatives than smaller universities with lower endowments.

So if you’re looking for a world-class education with excellent funding opportunities, these are some of the best universities in Canada to consider.