University of Windsor Islam awareness week 2017

University of Windsor Islam awareness week 2017
University of Windsor Islam awareness week 2017

The Muslim Students Association at The University of Windsor attracted increased numbers of students curious about Islam at its annual Islam Awareness Week (IAW) from March 13–17, 2017 at the CAW Student Center. More than 100’s students attended the weeklong event put together by Uwindsor MSA

Islam Awareness Week remains one of the organization’s most prominent events during the school year because it provides a voice for college & University Muslim students
The Muslim Student Association, or the Muslim Student Union, of the U.S. and Canada, also known as MSA National, was founded by Dr.Jamal al Barzinji

Islam Awareness Week is the organization’s biggest event in the spring semester. Its goal is to reduce Islamophobia’s stigma and shed a positive light on Islam to the student body. Ghallia Hashem, Member of MSA, Uwindsor wants people to get a better understanding of Islam through IAW.

“When people think of Muslims they think of what they see in the media. There are so many positive aspects of Islam, but how are people supposed to see them when no one is showing them? That is why we have Islam Awareness Week. We have to show them” Ghallia Hashem,

Each day of Islam Awareness Week showcases a topic that addresses current misconceptions about Islam. The themes include Basic Education, Knowledge about unity, Rest day, Gender Day, Peace day

Islam Around the World: We can show you, Islam

The Status of Knowledge: The first command

Q&A with a Sheikh!
6 p.m. Dillon 361

Her and Him: Gender Issues in Islam
MSA Mic Nite
6 p.m. Vanier Hall

A Day of Peace: Tying the loose ends
Here is a video from last year interview conducted by Windsor Star photographer Tyler Brownbridge

MSA IAW event taking places at other campuses UAlberta, UTorontoHarvard,  Yale