University of Windsor Students Alliance

University of Windsor Students Alliance
University of Windsor Students Alliance

I have been at the University of Windsor for two years now since I have transferred from the University of Alabama,

In the past two years what I have witnessed at the University of Windsor Student Alliance is unacceptable, out of control spending on campaigns and events that no one cares about, an example would be “Fight the fees” campaign.

The organization is mismanaged, and the elected executives are they are for a paycheck from the university,

They recently spent a million dollars on building the Hum Cafe & Lounge, located at The UWSA Student Centre building that should not have cost $1.2 Million,

I recently had everything on their menu. It is not that great; trust me, McDonald’s has cheaper and way tastier menus like seriously Cheese Grille restaurant located in New York City has a more affordable menu than the Hum Cafe & Lounge.

Let’s talk about the bus pass that they call “UPass,” I have never used Windsor transit since I have been here and why I am forced to pay $132.00 every year on earth. When I went to opt-out of the bus pass, I was told that “you do not live outside Windsor or specific Postal code,” neither I nor other Should not be forced to subsidize services that we never use for others to use,

Many students are forced to buy into the Health Insurance plan that they never used, but the students are getting a pretty good deal on Health insurance,

No one knows about events and games happening on campus because of poor communications. An election has occurred recently, and no one knew about it, including me; an elementary school in China has more school spirit than this university.

The Lance needs an Editor In chief who will spice things up because the website is not doing that well compared to the Western Gazette. Here is the Traffic stat from October The Lance Had 4,650 readers, and the Western Gazette had 189,300 readers,

UWSA should host a town hall or do a survey and use that feedback from the students and try to improve and make life easier for its members since the members are funding your operations.