University With Highest Graduation In Canada 2024

University With Highest Graduation In Canada 2024
University With Highest Graduation In Canada 2024

Canada has many prestigious universities, each contributing significantly to the nation’s academic landscape. Among these institutions, one stands out for its remarkable achievement: having the highest graduation rate in the country.

This university, a beacon of academic excellence and student success, has consistently demonstrated its ability to provide high-quality education and support systems that ensure students successfully enroll and complete their courses.

With diverse programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to fostering a conducive learning environment, this university represents Canada’s pinnacle of educational attainment.

The following article delves into this leading Canadian university’s unique attributes and practices that contribute to its impressive graduation statistics, setting a benchmark for others in higher education..

University With Highest Graduation In Canada 2024

University Percent
Queen's University90.0%
Université de Sherbrooke89.2%
Western University86.4%
Laval University85.8%
McGill University 84.8%
University of Waterloo83.8%
McMaster University83.5%
University of Calgary83.4%
University of Guelph82.7%
University of Toronto81.5%
University of Montréal80.2%
University of Alberta79.6%
University of Lethbridge76.1%
Lakehead University76.1%
University of Prince Edward Island75.4%
Université du Québec à Montréal75.4%
University of Ottawa75.4%
Toronto Metropolitan75.3%
St. Francis Xavier University75.3%
Nipissing University74.9%
Wilfrid Laurier University74.2%
University of Windsor74.0%
Concordia University71.8%
Bishop’s University71.2%
Dalhousie University70.1%
Simon Fraser University70.0%
Trent University69.8%
Laurentian University 69.6%
Carleton University 68.7%
Memorial University67.6%
York University 67.2%
University of Manitoba66.8%
Ontario Tech65.5%
University of Saskatchewan65.5%
Acadia University65.3%
University of Victoria64.8%
Mount Allison University63.4%
University of New Brunswick61.0%
University of Regina58.7%
Cape Breton University58.3%
Saint Mary's58.0%
University of Moncton57.8%
Mount Saint Vincent 54.8%
St. Thomas University50.90%
Brandon University42.9%
University of Winnipeg42.5
Algoma University0.00
*Algoma did not provide a number.


The university with the highest graduation rate in Canada is a testament to the power of quality education, effective student support systems, and an environment conducive to learning and personal growth.

Its remarkable achievement in securing the top spot for graduation rates is not just a statistic but a reflection of its commitment to academic excellence and student success.

This institution serves as an exemplary model for other universities, demonstrating that with the right blend of resources, faculty expertise, and a nurturing environment, higher education institutions can greatly enhance their student’s chances of completing their studies successfully..

As such, it is a beacon of inspiration in the Canadian educational landscape, showing that with dedication and focus on student needs, exceptional educational outcomes are not only possible but achievable..