Useless Master Degree 2023

Useless Master Degree 2023
Useless Master Degree 2023

As more online courses become available that are cheaper than a traditional university for zero or as little as a hundred dollars.

That can help you land 100k jobs without even a bachelor’s degree. Examples of those careers would be coding, Software Engineer, Front: backend development and much more. 

Big employers like Google, Facebook, and Apple are moving away from requiring employees to have degrees, especially in the tech sector.

A Master’s degree should not be taken lightly and only be pursued when a clear career path requires such an advanced level of study.

Unfortunately, some universities offer useless degrees that provide recipients little or no professional benefit.

For those pursuing a Master’s degree, it is essential to understand what kind of benefit the program offers regarding job experience or marketable skills.

Suppose the program does not have tangible benefits other than saying one has achieved a certain amount of academic progress. In that case, it may be best for them to avoid investing in such a useless degree.

Furthermore, these types of degrees often come with a hefty price tag that could be better spent elsewhere if the student finds out too late that their investment will not pay off.


10Master of Entrepreneurship


A master’s degree in entrepreneurship is proving to be an increasingly useless qualification for the future of business. As the world moves away from traditional start-up models and towards a more modern approach,

having an Entrepreneurship Master Degree has become increasingly irrelevant. In 2023, there will be a sharp decline in students enrolling in this program as businesses now prefer more specialized skill sets.

The rise of technology and automation has caused businesses to require employees with specific abilities beyond what is taught during Entrepreneurship courses. Unfortunately, this means that those with this degree may lack the necessary expertise to land employment opportunities within their chosen field.

Furthermore, many industry experts predict that having an Entrepreneurship Master Degree won’t even guarantee graduates a job anymore.


9Master of Education

Why Education is The Biggest Equalizer

For some students, pursuing a master’s degree is a gateway to success. However, an alarming trend has recently emerged that calls into question the value of one particular Master’s degree: the Master of Education (M.Ed).

Despite its long-standing reputation as a surefire path to becoming an exceptional teacher, many experts claim that this useless Master’s degree is no longer worth pursuing in 2023. In recent years,

it has become challenging for M.Ed graduates to land teaching positions—particularly at higher levels like high schools or universities. This is because more qualified applicants are now competing for the same roles than ever. Moreover,

most school districts are increasingly looking for candidates with specialized degrees, such as math or science education, rather than those who solely holds an M.Ed qualification.


8Master of Culinary Arts 

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Culinary Arts 

The Master of Culinary Arts degree is becoming increasingly useless in 2023. With the ever-changing food industry, and a growing emphasis on casual dining and fast-food chains, chefs and restaurateurs are looking for something else to differentiate themselves.

Those who pursue a Master of Culinary Arts may find their degree surplus to requirements within the next few years. This is because the food industry has evolved considerably over time, and so have its demands.

As customers become more informed about ingredients, sources, and nutrition than ever before, chefs must now be able to cater to those demands with greater creativity rather than relying merely on technical skills. A Master of Culinary Arts might provide an education in traditional cooking methods but will not equip them with the necessary skills for this new cuisine era.


7Master of Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice

The Master of Criminal Justice degree has been a popular choice for those looking to make their mark in the criminal justice field. However, with the rapid influx of new technological advancements and changes in public policy,

is this degree still a valuable asset? Furthermore, in light of recent reports indicating that this degree may become increasingly irrelevant, it begs the question: will the Master of Criminal Justice be a useless master’s degree by 2023?

As technology develops exponentially, jobs requiring specialized technical skills become more prevalent. Therefore, many employers are now placing greater emphasis on hiring applicants with these particular skill sets rather than emphasizing educational backgrounds.

With many law enforcement agencies turning to tech-savvy individuals as opposed to those with advanced degrees, obtaining a Master of Criminal Justice may not result in employment opportunities or a higher salary compared to someone who does not possess such credentials.


6Master of Creative Writing

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Creative Writing

The Masters of Creative Writing program is for your postgraduate studies, but still not sure if it’s worth your time and money. The 2021-2022 academic year has seen an increase in enrolment in postgraduate programs,

But with tuition fees reaching an all-time high, it is essential to consider the return on investment. Many industry experts agree that a Master of Creative Writing degree may not be as helpful as other Master’s degrees.

This view is especially true for students looking to launch their careers in creative writing after graduation. While a master’s degree can open doors to more opportunities, it does not guarantee success. Therefore, getting a useless Master of Creative Writing degree may not be the best choice for those seeking a career in creative writing.


5Master of Computer Science

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Computer Science

The Master of Computer Science degree is rapidly becoming an outdated and useless master’s degree. With advancements in technology and the emergence of new career paths, a computer science master’s degree no longer offers students the same employability opportunities it did twenty years ago.

As software engineering jobs become increasingly specialized, employers seek candidates with specific skill sets rather than a generalized overview of the field.

In addition, there is growing evidence that its potential return on investment no longer justifies the cost associated with obtaining a Master of Computer Science. Not only has tuition at universities become exorbitantly expensive.

But employers are also less likely to offer graduates of such programs higher salaries or positions than those obtained with an undergraduate degree alone. With these facts in mind, it becomes clear why many experts believe that the Master of Computer Science has become virtually useless in 2023.


4Master of Communications

online communications

A master’s degree in Communications is fast becoming a useless piece of paper as we enter 2023. According to recent industry studies, many graduates with Master’s degrees in Communications do not have an advantage over those with only bachelor’s degrees regarding job opportunities or salaries.

This trend will likely continue and make obtaining a Master’s degree in Communications increasingly pointless. The main reason why this degree has become so useless is due to the increasing number of people holding similar qualifications.

With more and more graduate students yearly, employers are less willing to invest in higher-level positions for these individuals unless they possess unique skill sets or experiences that make them stand out from the rest of the pool.


3Master of Art history

Art History
Art History

The concept of a Master of Arts degree in Art History is becoming increasingly irrelevant in today’s job market. The traditional path for an art historian, which involves an intensive research project and a thesis, is no longer deemed necessary for success.

Many employers now value experience over formal qualifications as they seek new hires. As a result, the cost associated with earning an MA in Art History may not be worth considering the long-term benefits.

With tuition costs continuing to rise, it may make more sense to pursue other courses or even take freelance opportunities instead of investing time and money into an MA degree which may offer little return on investment.


2Master of Anthropology And Archeology


In 2023, those who pursue a Master of Anthropology And Archeology may be shocked. The degree is fast becoming an obsolete and useless master’s degree. In a world where technology advances quickly,

The need for archaeologists to unearth artifacts and anthropologists to study past cultures is becoming unnecessary as more efficient and faster methods are developed. However, anthropology and archaeology have always required physical labour and hard work to uncover the truths of past civilizations.

However, with the introduction of remote sensing technology being used by scientists to map out areas from afar, it’s clear that these disciplines are now being superseded by digital techniques – rendering them utterly useless as far as practical applications go.


1Master of Advertising

How To Start a Online Advertising Business

In today’s economy, the Master of Advertising: Useless Master Degree 2023 is increasingly becoming a source of ridicule and frustration for those who have wasted their hard-earned money on this degree.

This Master’s degree has been deemed virtually useless by experts in the field, as there is an abundance of cheaper and more comprehensive programs available that offer much higher returns on investment.

The program has no explicit curriculum or outcomes, leaving graduates with only a piece of paper they can’t even use to get a job in advertising. In addition, many employers have overlooked it entirely due to its lack of relevance and value in today’s industry. Unfortunately, this means that those who have completed it are not likely to find any meaningful employment after graduation.



What is the most useless degree?

With the rising tuition cost, students often look for degrees that will bring them the most successful career opportunities. But what about those degrees that offer little to no practical benefit? The Useless Master Degree 2023 seeks to explore which higher education degree is the most useless for today’s job market.

No matter what industry you look at, there seems to be a few common trends among employers regarding applicants and their educational background.

An employer may prefer someone with a specialized master’s degree in a particular field or even an MBA from a prestigious university. But this leads to the question of which degrees may not be worth pursuing if you want to land your dream job.

Our research dives into which employers view Master’s programs as having little value compared to other, more traditional options like engineering or law school.


What are majors useless?

When it comes to university degrees and postgraduate qualifications, there are some that, in the eyes of employers, hold more value than others. The question of which majors are “useless” often arises as students ponder their future educational and career paths.

This article will explore the concept of useless majors, focusing on the Master Degree 2023 program at an unnamed university.

The Master Degree 2023 course is designed to be completed over three years and provides specialized knowledge in business administration. While this degree may be helpful for a specific job search or career path, it could be a waste of time for those seeking a more general qualification.