Valentine’s Day Date Ideas During COVID-19

Valentine's Day Date Ideas During COVID-19
Valentine's Day Date Ideas During COVID-19

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but with lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures still in place, celebrating the holiday this year is going to look very different.

You may not be able to go out to your favourite restaurant or plan a fun winter activity, but there are still tons of ways to celebrate the holiday with those you love in the comfort of your own home.

Below we have provided you with some ideas on how you can still make the most of the holiday.

1. Decorate your dorm room/apartment/home.

Get your craft game on and decorate your place with Valentine’s Day garland or banner, candle holder, picture frame, bath bombs, and more! Click here for more ideas. If you don’t particularly feel like making your own decorations, there are tons that you can buy at your local store.

2. Take a class.

You can sign up for Valentine’s Day-themed virtual classes, whether it’s making a vegan Valentine’s Day dinner, pasta making, writing Valentine’s Day letters, or a concert. You can find tons of virtual classes on websites like Eventbrite.

3. Send Valentine’s Day cards.

Write Valentine’s Day cards to send to your loved ones. Especially during these unprecedented times, your family and friends will appreciate that you were thinking about them.

4. Have a game night.

Get many of your go-to snacks and plan a game night playing a round of all of your favourite games.

5. Have a movie marathon.

Prepare a lineup of all your favourite romantic comedies or a lineup of rom-com you haven’t seen and watch them on Valentine’s Day weekend. You can find a list of the best romantic comedies of all time here.

6. Treat yourself.

Who says you have to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day?! Spend the day by treating yourself to some self-care, whether it’s taking a break from exercising and ordering in, putting on a face mask, or spending some time reflecting on yourself through journaling.

7. Take your date outdoors.

You may not necessarily be able to take a fun winter trip, but you can still spend some time on Valentine’s Day in the fresh air by going for a walk at a local trail.