Very Annoying Things Canadians Do When They Travel

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Canadians are often polite and respectful when travelling, but there are a few things they do that can be quite annoying to other travellers. For example, Canadians often expect everyone else to speak English, and they can be quite surprised when they encounter people who don’t. They also tend to be very vocal about their patriotism, and will often sing the Canadian national anthem or talk about how great Canada is.

Lastly, Canadians can be a bit too friendly, and will often try to start conversations with complete strangers. While these behaviours may not bother most people, they can be quite irritating to those who are trying to relax and enjoy their travels.


Very Annoying Things Canadians Do When They Travel



10. Talking about our bad weather to other travellers

Canadian Weather

One of the most very annoying things Canadians do when they travel is the bad weather they left behind. No one wants to hear about how much colder it is in Canada right now or how much snow is on the ground.

Another thing that Canadians do that can be annoying is taking their entire wardrobe with them on vacation. It’s hot outside, so why are you wearing your heavy winter coat?

And finally, one of the most common things that Canadians do when they travel complains about everything. The food isn’t as good as back home, and the hotel room isn’t big enough, the air conditioning doesn’t work…the list goes on and on.


9. Boring Americans to death with tales of Canadian health care

Boring Americans
Boring Americans

Americans, who love to travel, often find themselves on the receiving end of Canadians’ incessant bragging about their country’s health care system. Here are some very annoying things that Canadians do when they travel:

  1. They start every conversation with a detailed explanation of how great Canadian health care is.
  2. They lecture Americans about the need for universal health care.
  3. They criticize the U.S. health care system, even though they know nothing about it.
  4. They make fun of Americans for not having socialized medicine.
  5. They act like they’re better than Americans because they have government-run health care.


8. Assuming people know nothing about Canada

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Canadians are often polite and accommodating, but some behaviours can be quite annoying to those unfamiliar with them. Here are eight of the most common:

Assuming everyone knows about Canada. This can include assuming people learn about Canada’s history, culture, or geography.

Telling people, they’re “Canadian” in a way that implies they should know what that means. For example, saying, “I’m Canadian, so I know how to speak French” or “I’m Canadian, so I must be polite.”

Describing everything as “Canadian.” For example, saying, “I had a Canadian breakfast today” or “I’m going to wear my Canadian shirt tonight.” Saying “eh?” a lot.


7. Selective memory

Living In Canada
Living In Canada

Canadians are polite and respectful people, but they do some things that can be very annoying to foreigners.

Here are the top three things Canadians do when they travel:

  1. They apologize for everything. Canadians are taught to be polite, so they often apologize even when it’s not necessary. This can be frustrating for foreigners who are used to more blunt communication styles.
  2. They expect everyone to know English. For example, Canada is a bilingual country, but most Canadians only know English. This can confuse foreigners who don’t learn French and don’t expect everyone to speak English.
  3. They try to avoid conflict at all costs. Canadians hate confrontation, so they often avoid it by being overly polite or pretending not to understand what’s going on.


6. Listing off every Canadian celebrity

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Canadians do many things when they travel that annoy the locals. For example, in the United States, it is customary to say “thank you” when someone does something for you. However, many Canadians do not say this and instead walk away. Another thing that Canadians do when they travel talks loudly.

This can be unpleasant, especially if you are trying to sleep or work. Additionally, Canadians often take up a lot of space when travelling and tend to push their way to the front of the lines. Lastly, many Canadians tend to dress inappropriately when they are travelling abroad. They often wear too revealing or too informal for the country they are visiting.


5. Expecting to see hockey finals wherever we go

A large Canadian flag is waved during the Men's Gold Medal Hockey match between USA and Canada at the Canada Hockey Place during the XXI Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada
A large Canadian flag

Canadians are everywhere. You can’t go on vacation without running into one of us. And if there’s a hockey game playing, we’ll find a way to watch it, even if that means barging into your hotel room or setting up shop in the lobby.

Here are some very annoying things Canadians do when they travel:

  1. We’ll pop up out of nowhere and start chatting with you whether you want to talk to us or not.
  2. We’ll invite ourselves to join your group dinner, whether you have enough seats at the table or not.
  3. We’ll ask to borrow your TV so we can watch the hockey game, even though our hotel has a perfect one.
  4. We’ll take over the pool deck and set up camp with our chairs and umbrellas, completely taking over the space for everyone else.


4. Leaving piles of packaging at US rest areas

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College Students get Amazon Prime for FREE

Leaving piles of packaging at US rest areas is a very annoying thing Canadians do when they travel. It’s not only inconsiderate, but it can also be dangerous. trash attracts animals, and if left unsecured, it can easily blow away in the wind. This creates an eyesore for other travellers and wastes taxpayer money. It’s important to be mindful of your surroundings and dispose of your trash properly when you’re on the road.


3. Being annoyingly nice

Being annoyingly nice
Being annoyingly nice

I’m Canadian, and let me tell you; we do some VERY annoying things when we travel.

Here are the top 3:

  1. We apologize for everything. “Sorry for being in your way,” “sorry for asking a question,” “sorry for taking up space.” We think that by apologizing, we’re not inconveniencing anyone.
  2. We’re always polite. We’ll say “thank you” and “please” even when it’s not necessary. And we always try to be cheerful and upbeat, no matter what.
  3. We’re always trying to fit in. We’ll ask people where they’re from and try to learn about their culture. And we always want to be polite and respectful, even if we disagree with them.


2. Wearing Canadian clothing and carrying the flag

Canadian Flag
Canadian Flag

Canadians are often proud of their nationality and like to show it off when travelling. While Canadians do many things that annoy people from other countries, wearing Canadian clothing and carrying the flag are most common.

Some people view this as a sign of arrogance or entitlement, especially when Canadians do it in countries where they are not necessarily welcome. However, it can also be seen as a lack of respect for the local culture and customs.

In general, it is considered polite to dress and behave in a respectful way of the local culture when travelling abroad. This means leaving your Canadian clothes and flag at home unless you specifically celebrate Canada Day or another national holiday.


1. Dressing poorly

Dressing poorly
JT Dressing poorly

One of the very annoying things Canadians do when they travel dresses poorly. This means wearing clothes that are not appropriate for the climate or culture of the destination. Wearing a heavy winter coat in the middle of summer, for example, can be quite uncomfortable and can also make you stand out as a tourist.

It is also important to research what types of clothing are considered appropriate in the country or region you will be visiting. For example, shorts and tank tops may be fine in certain parts of Europe, but they would not be appropriate in most of Asia or Africa.

Another thing to remember is that locals often dress more conservatively than tourists. So it is best to err on the side of caution and dress more conservatively yourself.