Very Annoying Things Canadians Do When They Travel

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As Canadians, we like to think of ourselves as more worldly and cultured when travelling than our American neighbours. In some ways, there’s a bit of truth to that. But at the same time, taking a good look in the mirror can reveal some annoying things that we may be doing when we travel,

often without realizing we’re boorish and irritating. Are you an annoying Canadian when you travel?

Canada is a pretty decent country. But we tend to go on and on and on about all the things that make it great. To many people, we’re bragging or overly patriotic for a casual social chat.

Instead of listing all the good things about Canada, please take the opportunity to listen to others talk about their own countries and experiences. You’ll learn something new and maybe even make a new friend that you may visit one day.


10.Talking about our bad weather to other travellers

Canadian Weather

Canadians love to tell stories about how cold and onerous Canadian winters are. While some of our cities definitely suffer brutal winters, remember that other countries experience harsh winters.

Instead of trying to one-up other winter dwellers, maybe exchange insider info on the best places to snowboard and ski.


9.Boring Americans to death with tales of Canadian health care

Boring Americans
Boring Americans

Most of us would agree that our system is superior to the US version. But regaling Americans with tales of our free medical care is rude, especially considering many of them don’t have access to even basic care for the most common health concerns we face. Instead of boasting, consider marrying an American and spreading the love!


8.Assuming people know nothing about Canada

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When travelling, we sometimes assume that no one knows anything about our country. True, there are some ridiculous things that Americans think about Canada, but you’d be surprised how much people do know about us.

Instead of assuming the worst, why not turn the tables and learn something about the other travellers you meet?


7.Selective memory

Living In Canada
Living In Canada

On a more serious note, we often leave the bad stuff out when talking about Canada. Our treatment of Indigenous people is just one example. But we’re often not the great environmentalists we think we are or as welcoming to immigrants as we might believe.

Like any country, Canada is evolving. We get some things right and some things wrong. If you’re not familiar with our darker past, a good place to start is the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation.


6.Listing off every Canadian celebrity

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

For some reason, Canadians feel the need to list every Canadian celebrity when they meet someone who isn’t Canadian. From Jim Carey to Justin Bieber, it’s like we have to prove that we can be comedians, rich actors, and musicians too.

Instead of talking about our famous people, ask others about theirs. You might even discover some new movies, authors and music.


5.Expecting to see hockey finals wherever we go

A large Canadian flag is waved during the Men's Gold Medal Hockey match between USA and Canada at the Canada Hockey Place during the XXI Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada
A large Canadian flag

We tend to walk into far-flung tropical bars expecting to find hockey finals being shown. That’s fine, but some Canadians can get indignant when the big game isn’t available, or the bar is showing football instead.

Instead, hang out with other Canadians and watch the richest hockey players play on your laptop or go to a nearby sporting event and experience it like a local.


4.Leaving piles of packaging at US rest areas

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Canadians love a bargain, and for some reason, shoes top the list. Well, they are shoes, after all. You’ll often find piles of shoe boxes and another packaging in overflowing trash bins at shopping malls, gas stations and rest areas close to the border.

Hey, we get buying stuff, but maybe leave the packaging at the store, drop it off at a recycling centre or bring it back to Canada and be honest with the CBSA officer upon your return. Otherwise, you might get flagged at customs.


3.Being annoyingly nice

Being annoyingly nice
Being annoyingly nice

It’s a stereotype that’s pretty much true. We’re nice and often to the extreme. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being nice, but sometimes it’s good to reel it in a wee bit.

Instead, why not give other people a chance to show they can be just as nice?


2.Wearing Canadian clothing and carrying the flag

Canadian Flag
Canadian Flag

Many people can’t tell the difference between Americans and Canadians when we speak. So, maybe we have a Canadian flag on our bag or wear Canada-themed clothing because we don’t want to be tagged as Americans. But does that really matter? Not really. You can say that you’re from Canada.

Remember that all countries have great people you’ll want to meet. Worry less about where you’re from and put that energy into making new friends.


1.Dressing poorly

Dressing poorly
JT Dressing poorly

You can often identify the Canadian traveller by what they wear (other than Canadian-themed clothing). Many of us tend to wear shorts and t-shirts and generally dress down. Worse: wearing socks with sandals. Ew.

Instead of dressing for the backyard, step it up with a little style. You’ll look and feel better and won’t stand out as much as a tourist. You’ll also reduce the chance of making cultural faux pas and get more respect from the local population.


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