Ways to Stay Connected with Family at College

Ways to Stay Connected with Family at College
Ways to Stay Connected with Family at College

The US college is a public institution that issues an associate’s degree or certificate after two years of study. Some programs are designed to prepare specialists who will start working immediately after graduation; others prepare students for university programs. That is why many international students come to the USA with the only purpose — to study at college.

One of the most significant differences between a university and a college is the cost of education. According to US News and World Report, the average cost of tuition in the 2018-2019 academic year was $35,676 for private universities and $21,629 for public universities in other states.

This amount does not include accommodation, meals, books, and other expenses. Meanwhile, in college, tuition is about $8,000 a year. Going to college and transferring to university will save you approximately $64,000 over two years.

Anyway, the student will still have to save money during their stay in the US. And one of the best options is saving money on international calls if you are wondering how to call Kenya. So, how to call your relatives beneficially? Read below.


How to keep in touch with your relatives abroad?

For many people, communication with relatives abroad is one of the conditions for a successful study. To do this, you need both a mobile and Internet connection. How to choose the most favourable conditions for communication abroad, and what are the options?

  • Roaming is the provision of mobile communication services outside the operator’s home network. The operator negotiates with foreign partners, and their base stations are used to transmit the signal. By providing you with roaming, the operator pays for the resources of the partner company, therefore communication is more expensive.
  • Free Wi-Fi is a good way to save money. Therefore, if you can call your parents via messengers — do it to save on your talks. Sometimes you can find city free Wi-Fi networks, or it can be provided just in the campus.
  • If you are going to make a lot of calls within the country, then it makes sense to choose a sim card from a local operator because even the most favourable roaming tariff will not be the cheapest.
  • Use international calling services like Yolla. If your family and friends do not have quick internet access or popular messengers, you can reach them via their local mobile numbers or landline.


Personal data security

Always make sure not to share your personal data with anyone. If you use internet banking or transfer sensitive data, it is better not to use public networks. And free Wi-Fi hotspots are best used through a VPN.

Please note in advance that different states have their own rules, and therefore, it is possible that you will not immediately receive a local SIM card or be able to activate some services on it. We believe that these tips will help you feel comfortable staying in touch with your family abroad.