What Are The 14 Worst Colleges in the World?

What Are The Worst Colleges in the World?
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Choosing the right college is a critical decision that can significantly shape your future. While many institutions worldwide offer excellent education, some have gained notoriety for their lacklustre academic standards, poor infrastructure, and other issues.

Here’s a look at 14 of the worst colleges in the world, ranked based on various criteria, such as academic performance, campus facilities, student satisfaction, and overall reputation.

What Are The Worst Colleges in the World?


14. Al Quds Open University (Palestine)

Al Quds Open University
Al Quds Open University

Al Quds Open University has been criticized for its lack of infrastructure, outdated curriculum, and insufficient academic support. Students have reported difficulties in accessing necessary resources and engaging in effective learning. The university’s struggles to provide a modern and comprehensive education have hindered its reputation and appeal to prospective students.


13. Everest College (USA)

Everest College
Everest College

Everest College was part of the Corinthian Colleges network and faced numerous lawsuits for fraudulent practices, poor job placement rates, and misleading advertising. The college promised students valuable career training and high employment rates, but many graduates had significant debt and limited job prospects. Everest College eventually shut down amid widespread scandal and legal challenges.


12. London School of Commerce

London School of Commerce
London School of Commerce

The London School of Commerce has been labelled as a ‘visa mill’ due to its focus on attracting international students with the promise of a UK education while often failing to deliver a high-quality learning experience. Poor teaching quality, inadequate resources, and administrative inefficiencies have plagued the institution, leading to widespread student dissatisfaction.


11. Maharishi International University

Maharishi University of Management

Maharishi International University has been criticized for its unconventional teaching methods and lack of academic rigour. The institution focuses heavily on Transcendental Meditation, which many critics argue detracts from a comprehensive education. While the university claims to offer a unique and holistic approach to learning, many students and educators remain skeptical of its academic value.


10. Rivers State University of Science and Technology (Nigeria)

Rivers State University of Science and Technology
Image credit: RSU

This Nigerian university has faced numerous issues, including strikes, poor infrastructure, and low academic standards. Students often experience interruptions in their education due to ongoing conflicts between staff and the administration. The university’s inability to provide a stable and conducive learning environment has severely impacted its reputation and student outcomes.


9. American InterContinental University (USA)

American InterContinental University
Image CredIt: AIU

American InterContinental University, a for-profit institution, has faced criticism for its aggressive recruitment tactics and low academic standards. Concerns have been raised about the value of its degrees and the quality of education provided, leading to scrutiny of its accreditation status. These issues have sparked a wider debate about the institution’s overall educational practices and the impact on its students and graduates.


8. Kingston University (UK)

Kingston University (UK)
Image credit: Kingston University

Kingston University has been criticized for its low student satisfaction rates and substandard academic performance. Despite efforts to improve, it remains one of the lower-ranked universities in the UK. Students have reported issues with course organization, teaching quality, and administrative support, contributing to its negative reputation.


7. Southern New Hampshire University (USA)

Southern New Hampshire University
Image credit: SNHU

While popular for its online programs, Southern New Hampshire University has been criticized for its lack of academic rigour and the quality of education in its online courses. Despite its rapid growth and extensive advertising, many students and educators question the value of its degrees and the effectiveness of its online learning model.


6. University of Phoenix (USA)

University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix

As one of the largest for-profit universities, the University of Phoenix has been scrutinized for its low graduation rates, high student debt, and aggressive marketing practices. The university’s focus on enrolling as many students as possible rather than providing a quality education has led to widespread criticism and numerous legal challenges.


5. Tianjin University of Finance and Economics

Tianjin University of Finance and Economics
Image credit: Tianjin

The educational institutions in China have been under scrutiny due to poor management and subpar educational standards. Many students have voiced their concerns about the lack of adequate facilities and the presence of unqualified staff. The insufficient resources and support services have hindered students’ academic growth, contributing to a negative perception of the college.


4. California Miramar University (USA)

California Miramar University
Image credit: CMU

Many students have criticized California Miramar University for its lack of accreditation and poor educational quality. They have reported dissatisfaction with the courses and teaching methods. The university’s limited recognition and questionable credentials have left graduates struggling to find employment or further educational opportunities. These factors have raised concerns about the value of a degree from California Miramar University and its ability to prepare students for their careers adequately.


3. DeVry University (USA)

DeVry University
Image Credit: DeVry

DeVry University, a for-profit college, has faced numerous lawsuits for misleading advertising and poor job placement rates. The institution promised high employment rates and lucrative careers post-graduation, but many students were burdened with debt and few job prospects. Its high tuition fees and low academic standards have made it a controversial institution, often criticized for prioritizing profit over education.


2. Eurasian International College (Kazakhstan)

Eurasian International College (Kazakhstan)
Image credit: Eurasian

Eurasian International College in Kazakhstan has been criticized for its poor academic standards and inadequate facilities. Students have reported a lack of qualified faculty and limited resources, which significantly hampers their educational experience. The college’s reputation has suffered due to these shortcomings, making it a less desirable option for prospective students.


1. Trump University

Trump University
Image Credit: New Yorker

Trump University was more of a business venture than an academic institution. Founded by President Donald Trump in 2004, it promised to teach students the secrets of real estate success. However, it soon became embroiled in numerous lawsuits over allegations of fraud and deceptive practices. The institution was not accredited and offered no degrees, leaving many students feeling deceived and dissatisfied. It shut down in 2010 amid legal battles and public outcry.


Selecting a college is a crucial decision that requires thorough research and consideration. While these institutions have faced significant criticism and challenges, prospective students need to weigh their options carefully and consider all factors before making a choice. Always look for accredited institutions with a strong academic excellence and student satisfaction track record to ensure a positive and fruitful educational experience.

Remember, the right college can open doors to numerous opportunities, while the wrong choice can lead to dissatisfaction and limited prospects. Make an informed decision to set yourself up for success in your academic and professional journey.


June 26, 2024 – Correction: This article was recently updated to remove London Metropolitan University from the list, as its inclusion was based on outdated information.