What Can You Do With a Political Science Degree?

What Can You Do With a Political Science Degree
What Can You Do With a Political Science Degree

With modern politics and governance’s dynamic and complex nature, obtaining a degree in Political Science has never been more valuable. This field of study offers a deep dive into the intricacies of power acquisition and management, social movement initiation and progression.

Effective and transparent governance, but it also arms students with practical skills like data analysis and statistical proficiency. This article delves into the breadth and depth of opportunities available for those who venture into this exciting field, outlining the vast array of career paths that a Political Science degree can lead to.


The Scope and Opportunities With a Degree in Political Science

Studying political science equips students to understand how power dynamics shape leadership, the catalysts that drive social movements, and the operational mechanisms for institutions and governments that ensure efficacy and transparency.

This field of study also provides insights into the reasons voters may prefer one political candidate over another, and it empowers students to forecast democratic election results accurately. Acquiring a political science degree often entails developing in-demand quantitative abilities such as statistical data analysis.


Exploring Career Opportunities with a Political Science Degree

Obtaining a degree in Political Science opens up many opportunities in various fields. The skills and knowledge acquired during the study are applicable in numerous areas, making Political Science graduates versatile and in-demand professionals.


1. Lobbyist

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Lobbyists play a crucial role in shaping public policy by advocating for specific interests, causes, or procedures. They work with legislators and government officials to influence the creation of favourable laws and regulations. With their deep understanding of political systems and strong communication skills, Political Science graduates are well-suited for this role.


2. Attorney

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The study of political science often serves as a stepping stone toward a career in law. Attorneys, whether they specialize in criminal law, corporate law, family law, or others, benefit from understanding governmental operations and legal frameworks gained in a Political Science program.


3. Foreign Service Officer or Diplomat

Foreign services officer
Foreign services officer

These professionals represent their home country abroad, working in embassies and consulates worldwide. They require a strong understanding of international relations and diplomacy, two critical areas in Political Science programs.


4. Political Scientist

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How To Become a Senator

These individuals analyze political systems, research political ideas, and study the impact of policies. They often work for think tanks, research institutions, or government agencies. A degree in Political Science provides the necessary analytical and research skills for this role.


5. Academic Professor

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College Professor

With a Political Science degree, one can also venture into academia, teaching future generations of politicians, diplomats, and political scientists. This role often requires further study, typically a Ph.D., in the field.


6. Business Executive

Corporate Executive
Business Executive

The knowledge of government operations, policy, and international relations can also translate into a successful career in business. Many Political Science graduates find international trade, consulting, or corporate governance roles.


7. Political Strategist

political strategist USA
political strategist USA

These professionals help politicians plan campaigns, develop platforms, and manage their public image. A deep understanding of voter behaviour, public opinion, and political systems makes Political Science graduates ideal for this role.


8. Government Officer

Alberta Chief Medical Officer
Former Alberta Chief Medical Officer

A Political Science degree can lead to various roles within government, from policy analysts to public administrators. These roles involve shaping, implementing, and evaluating public policies.


9. Policy Evaluator

Policy analyst
Policy Analyst

These professionals analyze existing policies and their impacts, propose improvements, and often work closely with policymakers. The analytical and research skills acquired in a Political Science program are crucial for this role.


10. Legislative Aide

legislative Aide
legislative Aide

Legislative aides assist politicians in their legislative duties, including research, communication, and drafting legislation. The knowledge of legislative processes acquired in a Political Science program is beneficial in this role.


11. Public Relations or Communications Expert

Public Relations
Public Relations

With their understanding of public opinion and strong communication skills, Political Science graduates often excel in public relations, helping organizations communicate effectively with their audiences.


12. Public Opinion Analyst or Pollster

Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi

These professionals research to understand public opinion on various issues. They often work for politicians, government agencies, or market research firms. The research and analytical skills learned in a Political Science program are essential.