What Is a Typical Workday For a Nurse

What Is a Typical Workday For a Nurse
What Is a Typical Workday For a Nurse

A nurse works-usually night shifts-as a registered nurse at The University Of Alberta Hospital. On this particular day, she wakes up at 8:00 PM so, just as the last light is disappearing below the horizon, she is hopping into the shower and pulls up outside the hospital by 9:45 PM she takes a while to get prepared in the morning.

She starts her day/night by getting a report on all of the current patients from the day shift nurse. Moreover, then goes from room to room, examining and taking vitals signs on all of them, and administering medication to any of her patients who need it those who do not need it but request it anyhow get a stern look and a few words of gentle reproach.

At around 11:00 PM, she goes from room to room collecting and cleaning out bedpans. This may not be her favorite part of the day. She gets through it okay, because she loves helping people, but she does wish from time to time that fewer of her patients experienced bowel movements.



The usual paths into nursing are to obtain Bachelor of Science degree. Very often, you can get in on the ground floor and work toward your qualifying degree while doing low-level, minimal brain cell stuff in a healthcare facility that’s willing to work with you a bit. If you are looking to become an advanced practice nurse, you will need a masters degree. More school, more pressure, more money.


Average Salary: $65,470
Expected Lifetime Earnings: $2,733,000

It varies depending on location and the exact type of work, but $60,000-$70,000 is in the right ballpark (source). Hope you are prepared to stomach working on a daily basis around people who are making three to five times that much. Moreover, no, we are not just referring to your rich patients