What New Career Paths Are Likely to Emerge in Web3?

What New Career Paths Are Likely to Emerge in Web3?
What New Career Paths Are Likely to Emerge in Web3?

Web3 is coming, and it is set to present a myriad of new opportunities for people who want to benefit from it. The new standard of internet will encompass several technological developments including VR, AI, and cryptocurrency, so it’s useful to learn about these things.

Some current online careers will still exist in Web3 as well but will simply evolve in the new format. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to start thinking about how to take advantage of Web3 now.

DeFi Strategist

DeFi is set to be one of the cornerstones of Web3, as we have previously mentioned here at University Magazine. There could be a rise in DeFi strategists who are responsible for designing new financial products on blockchain platforms.

The cryptocurrency market is rapidly evolving, and there are plenty of areas for innovation. DeFi strategists will come up with decentralized products such as loans and savings accounts that exist outside of traditional banks. Along with developing ideas, this role will also involve analyzing the market to keep up with trends.

Casino Host

The casino industry is bound to lead the charge into Web3. After all, it’s adapted to every other tech development up to now. The live casino category has blown up in recent years, and it’s likely to be huge in VR as well. The Canada live casino LuckyDays has loads of advanced games like Sweet Bonanza Candy Land and Mega Wheel, highlighting how these titles are constantly advancing.

Today’s live casino games are hosted by real world dealers. These experts host the various titles and help to attract players. This role will likely still be massive in Web3, but it could also be joined by another position. When online casinos become VR metaverses, they may require specialist hosts to guide players around the different games. This could be a great opportunity for outgoing people.

Blockchain Security Specialist

The global market size for blockchain technology will be around $469 billion by 2030 according to Fortune Business Insights. This will open up a plethora of new roles, especially in the realms of security. For blockchain technology to be fully trusted, it will need to be infallible. This is where blockchain security specialists come in. As the industry evolves, cyber threat sophistication will advance as well. Security specialists will need to stay ahead of threats and protect systems from potential breaches

Smart contract security will be a key area, as these are pivotal in blockchain systems. However, if they’re not written or audited properly, they can be prone to vulnerabilities. By having people on hand to deal with these issues, it will help foster consumer trust.
These are just a handful of roles that will explode in the Web3 era. There are plenty of others to watch out for as well. For instance, with the introduction of OpenAI’s Sora, there is set to be a surge in AI content creation over the next few years.