Anwar Abdi

Who is Anwar Abdi ?

Anwar Abdi is a Canadian business executive and Digital Journalist. Anwar Abdi is the CEO of AMG Brands Network Inc. and the Current Editor-in-Chief of University Magazine. Previously He Worked as an Education contributor at HuffPost. Anwar received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication at the University of Windsor.

Where did Anwar Abdi Graduate from?

Anwar Abdi Graduated from the University Of Windsor, Canada; what is Anwar Abdi's career? Anwar Abdi is the Chief Operating Officer of AMG Brands Network Inc.; He graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication.

What High school did Anwar Abdi attend?

Anwar Abdi attended Strathcona High School, colloquially referred to as Scona, in Edmonton, Canada, where he graduated with a high school diploma in 2014. and He was one of the captains of the Cross country and Track and Field team.

What did Anwar Abdi invest in?

The first successful business Anwar Abdi started was University Magazine and AMG Brands Network Inc. As the year went on, Anwar Abdi invested in numerous start-up companies like Naturetrak, Upright Oats, Rx Delivered Now, The Good Kitchen, Waku and much more,

Who owns University Magazine?

University Magazine is owned by AMG Brands Network Inc., a Canadian Digital Publisher, Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta; AMG Brands Network Inc owns and operates numerous Media brands globally.