Why Students Should Do Internships

Why Students Should Do Internships
Why Students Should Do Internships

If you are students who is in 1st to 3rd year and even 4th year you should definitely do Internship in your degrees fields because it will give you experience you need to be successful after graduations and as well if the company is impressed with you and your work you might be offered full-time job after graduation, that means you don’t have to do a jobs hunt.

Trust me from an experience point of view when I had graduated I applied to soo many companies, interviews after interviews I finally landed full time with university Magazine, after doing Internship with Post media networks and small startups in the United States.

Internships can help those interested in many different careers or industries decide which career or industry is best suited for them by having ‘hands-on’ experience. This article discusses the various benefits of internships.

Internships allow college students to work in the field that they plan to enter after completing their college education. An internship may be paid or unpaid, depending upon the field. Often, internships concerning engineering, science or business are paid internships while internships involving liberal arts are usually unpaid. Internships can help those interested in many different careers or industries to decide which path is best suited for them by providing ‘hands-on’ experience. There are many other benefits of internships, such as the examples explored below.


Internships Develop Work Skills

Student Intern
Intern Student working at Quantcast in San Francisco, Ca

Internships can help students utilize the skills and knowledge they have acquired throughout their college career. Students may also learn new skills while on the job under the supervision of a mentor. Most companies assign mentors to interns in order for them to develop a better understanding of projects and skills needed to complete various tasks. This type of environment is especially useful for students who attend universities and colleges that emphasize theory rather than ‘hands-on’ experience because they are able to get a better sense of what the work environment is really like.


Internships Develop Networking Skills

Intern Networking.jpg
Intern Student Networking With Management Team

During an internship, students may have the opportunity to work with other employees and other interns. By working with others, students are able to make connections with their co-workers. These connections may be beneficial later when they are interviewing and need references. It may also be useful if they are considering working for various companies because they can ask the previous co-workers what they know about the company in order to make a well-informed decision.