WWDC24 Canadian Swift Student Challenge Winners

WWDC24/ Image Credit: Apple

The Canadian winners of the WWDC24 Swift Student Challenge! Every year, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) puts out a global call to student developers, encouraging them to showcase their skills by creating an innovative app playground in Swift, Apple’s programming language.

This challenge is not just a test of coding prowess but a celebration of creativity and innovation. This year, among hundreds of submissions worldwide, 375 students from over 30 countries have been recognized for their exceptional work.

Canada, known for its vibrant tech scene and innovative educational approaches, has made a remarkable contribution, with 14 students earning accolades at this prestigious event.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to these talented young coders who represent the best of Canada’s new generation of developers. Join us as we explore their unique creations and the stories behind their success at WWDC24.

WWDC24 Canadian Swift Student Challenge Winners


Elena Galluzzo – Ajax/Wateloo, ON

Elena Galluzzo
Image Credit: Elena Galluzzo

Elena is a 22-year-old from Ajax, ON, attending the University of Wilfred Laurier. She only began coding a year ago after learning more about it while participating in a co-op program. Mixing her world of marketing and coding, she began to self-teach herself through YouTube videos, jumping into Xcode and Swift Playgrounds.

Her app, CareCapsule, is an all-in-one elder care app designed to allow older generations to live their lives to the fullest. Her goal is to make life easier for those with memory loss, provide an avenue to address loneliness and support the caretakers.


Shaurya Gupta – Hamilton, ON

Shaurya Gupta
Image Credit: Shaurya Gupta/ Hamilton Spectator

Shaurya is a 13-year-old Hamilton, ON, student passionate about app development. After immigrating from India, Shaurya found that there wasn’t much homework and had much spare time. With this spare time, he decided to learn coding in hopes of developing apps.

His app, Fizzix, aims to make learning about Newton’s laws of physics interesting and hands-on for students. The app is a playground where the user can experience the laws of physics and how objects react. His goal as a developer is to help people learn in their day-to-day lives, eventually creating something to help save time and build routines for learning.


Jared Trueco – Edmonton, AB

Jared Trueco
Image Credit- Jared Trueco

Jared is a 22-year-old studying computer engineering at the University of Alberta. After switching from civil engineering to computer engineering, Jared wanted to learn how to code and build apps.

His app, Rhythm, is a Drum machine app that allows users to record noises to a given beat or tempo for sound mixing and music creation. Inspired by his love of hip-hop, he wanted to make a full drum machine accessible to any user, building out the next generation of hip-hop producers.


Xavier Normant – Montreal, QC

Xavier is a 24-year-old studying at Concordia University whose coding journey started when he was 11. Wanting to create flash games, he began coding, which developed into a small website. After taking a short break, he is back invested in learning app development.

His app, Route, aims to teach pathfinding algorithms to those who don’t know what pathfinding is. This isn’t Xavier’s first app; however, when his girlfriend started her interior design degree, she was not used to the calculations of feet and inches, so to help her out, he created a conversion calculator.