Zero Waste Essentials for Beginners


Due to popular names such as Lauren Singer and Bea Johnson, the zero waste movement has become more prevalent today. They share their zero waste journey and lifestyle through media platforms and create personal projects and companies that make it easier for the public to adopt. In addition, by informing others about the zero-waste lifestyle, they are shattering the preconceptions and stigma attached to this environmentally conscious way of living.

So what is this zero waste movement all about? Going zero waste is for those interested in natural living and waste reduction. It pushes you to stop using plastic, reduce waste production any way you can, remove the need for harmful chemicals, and consume real foods. It allows you to find creative ways to live in a way that benefits both the environment and yourself; essentially, it’s all about making better choices. Here are a few zero waste must-haves for beginners:


Reusable Cutlery


Considering all the late-night take-outs a person eats (especially college students), the number of plastic forks and straws is immense. The consequences of plastic output are detrimental to our environment. It is supplying more and more waste into the already large landfills. Fortunately, there are products like bamboo utensil kits and stainless steel straws perfect for busy lifestyles and our planet.


Cups and Bottles


In my opinion, one of the easier essentials to adapt to and use regularly is reusable bottles. Whether it is a water canteen or a chic cup, it is a great alternative to disposable cups and plastic bottles. Some I recommend are Klean Kanteen and this reusable bamboo cup. Mason jars are also a must-have, as they can be used for many things. This includes DIY products, lunch containers and is perfect for shopping in the bulk section.


Cloth and Canvas Bags


Use canvas tote bags to carry all your things for different occasions, such as produce from the grocery store, everyday items as a handbag, or even clothing as a gym/travel bag. They’re large enough to fit as many things as you wish, very durable and also long-lasting. There are many unique options available at local shops, and Etsy is also a great place to look into. I also recommend looking into the cotton or net produce bags for those who prefer not to carry their produce like apples and potatoes loosely.


Bamboo Toothbrush

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A toothbrush is something everyone uses daily. But, unfortunately, it is one of the most common items seen to contribute to plastic pollution in oceans. Bamboo toothbrushes are made with all plant-based materials, making them biodegradable. Just make sure the wrapper and box are also compostable!